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    Love advice is best taken lightly, if at all. Thankfully, our friends and families are armed with truckloads of it!

    Monitoring The Breakup Situation

    | Anchorage, AK, USA | Advice, Fights/Breakups

    (A friend of mine is dumped rather cruelly out of the blue by her boyfriend for being ‘too weird’ for his tastes. To help cheer her up, I’ve taken her to the local pet store to get something to help fill the void in her life.)

    Me: “So, we need suggestions for a pet that’s loyal and affectionate.”

    Employee: “Well, we’ve got a lovely variety of kittens that need a good home. They’re nice and soft and will grow up to be very friendly when they get older.”

    Friend: “Yeah that’s cute, but my family had plenty of cats and kittens. I’d prefer something different.”

    Employee: “Hmm, well we also do rabbits. They don’t shed that much and you still get the benefits fuzz therapy and a nice quiet, loving pet.”

    Friend: “No, rabbits are boring. No offense but I’m not that kind of person.”

    (The employee looks her up and down, taking note of her attire and hair style.)

    Employee: “Hmm, let me try one other thing.”

    (He walks off and comes back holding, of all things, a baby savannah monitor lizard. My friend promptly goes wide eyed.)

    Friend: “Is that a…. Wait, you’re allowed to sell those now?”

    Employee: “Yep, he’s the first monitor we’ve gotten in, which technically makes him the most exotic thing in the store currently. He’s a bit off the beaten path, but I thought he might be more to your liking.”

    (My friend looks at the little reptile, which in turn cocks its head and looks back up at her.)

    Friend: “Uh, can I hold it?”

    (The employee hands her the monitor which promptly scurries up her arm and climbs into a pocket on her jacket.)

    Employee: “They’re also perfect for carrying around when they’re young due to their preference of wanting to curl up somewhere and sit still.”

    (I can see the faintest hint of a smile on my friend’s face as the monitor pops its head out and flicks its tongue at her.)

    Friend: “So, uh… do they get bigger later in life?”

    (The employee nods and begins to go in depth about housing, feeding and the what-not while I wander off. After some time I walk back to the registers and find my friend now setting down a complete beginners terrarium set, plus bedding, food, a mister, and the monitor which is still sitting happily in her pocket.)

    Me: “My, my, it seems someone managed to make a new friend.”

    Friend: “Mmm, I’m thinking he’s going to be more of my personal boyfriend tester from now on. If they aren’t okay with him, then they aren’t worth my time.”

    Me: “So he’s going to be your monitor both by name and by function?”

    (My friend nodded with the biggest smile imaginable. Several years later she’s now with a much more like-minded boyfriend whom she thanks ‘Cubby’ (as she named the monitor) for helping her find.)

    One Day They’ll Make It To Fourth Slice

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Advice

    (A group of us are on break from a play we’ve been rehearsing.)

    Man: “So, let me get this straight. You love this guy, but you don’t want him to take you to prom? That doesn’t make sense.”

    Woman #1: “Yes, it does. You see, I love him, but I don’t ‘love-love’ him.”

    Me: *seeing the confusion* “Think of it like pizza. You love pizza, but you wouldn’t want to make out with it.”

    Woman #1: “Yeah, something like that. It’s a different kind of love.”

    Woman #2: *deadpan* “Wait, we’re not supposed to make out with our pizza?”

    A Perfectly Reasonable Request

    | TX, USA | Advice, Single

    (I’ve always been single, but that doesn’t stop me from wistfully talking about the kind of guy I’d like to date to my friend.)

    Me: “He’d be sweet, polite, always laugh at my jokes… And every now and then, he’d tell me ‘[My Name], you can’t have spicy noodles five days in a row. I’m taking you out to eat’.”

    Friend: It’s a wonder you haven’t found him yet…”

    His Love For Her Israel

    | Minneapolis, MN, USA | Advice, Family/Kids

    (My boyfriend is a camp counsellor. He has long, messy blonde hair, and is chatting with a little Israeli girl.)

    Boyfriend: “Oh you’re Israeli? That’s cool; so is my neighbor!”

    Little Girl: “Oh, well you should marry her!”

    Boyfriend: “Well actually, I have a girlfriend!”

    Little Girl: “Oh. Well you should marry her instead! But first you need to get a haircut.”

    Off The Sappy Scale

    | Rockhampton, QLD, Australia | Advice, Dating

    (My partner comes into work to bring me lunch most days, and as such is well known to my coworkers and boss. He has come in again today, but my boss has stopped by the lunch room to chat. The subject turns to what the boss will and will not do to get a girlfriend.)

    Boss: “Look, on a scale going up to 10, how much do you love this girl?”

    Boyfriend: “Oh… 14 and a half?”

    (My boss throws his hands up and walks off. My boyfriend turns to me and smiles.)

    Boyfriend: “It’s actually 16, but I didn’t want to seem sappy in front of your boss.”

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