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    Category: Engaged

    Engagement can be a bit like romantic purgatory for some, but at least you get to test drive a ring.

    Awfully Meaty Puns

    | CA, USA | Engaged

    (My fiancée and I have just left the grocery store after buying stuff for a romantic steak dinner. Even though she paid, I reflexively punched in my phone number for the rewards card instead of letting her do it, which she’s teasing me about.)

    Me: “I’m just used to putting in my own number, okay?”

    Fiancée: “Oh, c’mon, hon, I’m just ribbing you!”

    Me: “But we’re not having ribs tonight. We’re having steak!”

    Fiancée: “Oh… that’s true. I’ve made a grievous error.”

    Me: “So you made a mis-STEAK?”

    (Somehow, she found that hilarious.)

    The Red Wedding Versus The Blue Screen

    | FL, USA | Engaged

    (My fiancé decided to build a computer. The case comes first, so he shows me.)

    Me: “It looks rather Game of Thrones-like.”

    Fiancé: “That’s what I thought, too, when I bought it.”

    (I stare at him to see if he makes any connection.)

    Fiancé: “What?”

    Me: “Seriously?”

    Fiancé: *realizing* “DON’T YOU DARE SAY IT.”

    Me: “It’s going to diiiiiie!”

    (Fast forward a week later; the motherboard comes. I get home from work to see him working on the computer, frustrated.)

    Me: “Everything okay?”

    Fiancé: “I’m having trouble getting this to work. I think it might be the motherboard.”

    (I start laughing and he glares at me.)

    Fiancé: “DON’T YOU DARE SAY IT!”

    Me: “I told you it was going to diiiiiie!”

    (He was able to get a new motherboard that worked, but he still hasn’t forgiven me for ‘jinxing’ the first one.)

    A Sad Reminder Of His Oddness

    | Atlanta, GA, USA | Engaged

    (I am lying in bed, looking at my phone when my fiancé comes over. He hovers over me, gives me a few quick pecks on the lips, then pulls back and smiles sweetly at me.)

    Fiancé: “One day, one of us is going to die.” *gets up and walks away* “And then the other one will be sad…”

    (I couldn’t stop laughing and told him it had to go up on Not Always Romantic immediately!)

    Provides Them With Little Protection

    | Adelaide, QLD, Australia | Engaged

    (My fiancé is testing printing bookmarks for her art business.)

    Fiancé: “This is the weirdest photo paper I’ve ever seen.” *passes over a sheet of cardboard paper that’s white on one side*

    Me: “I’ve seen cardboard backed paper.”

    Fiancé: “Oh… maybe it wasn’t the photo paper.” *shows off a normal piece of glossy photo paper*

    Me: *laughs* “You printed on the protection sheet for the paper!”

    Love Punch

    | NY, USA | Engaged

    (My fiancé recently came home for two weeks on leave from basic training. It is one of his first nights home. I am up early and running around getting ready work. I go to kiss my fiancé goodbye (like I always do) but as soon as I bend down to kiss him the dog barks and startles him so badly that he punches me in the face.)

    Me: “Did you just punch me in the face?!”

    Fiancé: “Oh, my god! You scared me!”

    (I leave for work and on my way he calls me.)

    Me: *answers phone while holding in laughter* “Good morning, slugger!”

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