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    Category: LGBTQ

    We are family: all my brothers, sisters and me. This category is for all our LGBTQ friends who show that love knows no bounds.

    Dead Straight

    | London, England, UK | LGBTQ, Marriage & Partners, Themed Giveaway

    (My partner and I live about 20 miles apart, so we talk every day. I am bisexual and my partner is pansexual. We’re talking over messages about our day.)

    Me: “Hey, sweetie. How was your day?”

    Partner: “It’s been better, hun. There’s a LGBT thing at college and loads of people are being really homophobic and saying all these slurs and things. It’s getting me down.”

    Me: “Aw, baby, they all suck and you are the best. When the ‘gaypocalypse’ comes we will ride their corpses into the sunset.”

    Partner: “… That’s both the sweetest and most disturbing thing you’ve ever said to me.”

    Ex-traordinary Realization

    | Victoria, BC, Canada | Exes/Old Flames, Infidelity, LGBTQ

    (My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months. We are outside walking around when my boyfriend, who normally doesn’t like public displays of affection, ostentatiously puts his arm around me.)

    Me: “What’s going on?”

    Boyfriend: “Nothing. Just, well, that’s my ex.”

    (I can’t help looking because the way he tells their breakup, she’s the Wicked Witch of the West. She looks completely normal.)

    Me: “Oh, I see.”

    Boyfriend: “I bet she’s going to come over here and make a huge fuss.”

    (Our paths do cross, but it looks pretty innocent to me.)

    Boyfriend: “Oh, hi, [Ex].”

    Ex: “Hey, [Boyfriend]. How’s it going?”

    Boyfriend: “Oh, great. Fantastic. This is [My Name]. My girlfriend.”

    Ex: *smiling* “Hello, nice to meet you. Sorry I can’t chat; I’m meeting someone. Take care now.” *crosses the street*

    Boyfriend: “See what I mean! What a b****, blowing us off like that!”

    Me: “I thought you didn’t want to talk to her.”

    Boyfriend: “Well, I mean, she didn’t used to talk or act like that.”

    Me: “… Polite?”

    Boyfriend: “No. See, when she’s all formal like that it means she really doesn’t like you. She’s way more casual normally.”

    Me: “Or maybe it’s because I’m a complete stranger and she didn’t want to be rude?”

    Boyfriend: “Well, whatever. The ice queen isn’t my problem any more.” *pause* “I wonder who she’s meeting?”

    Me: “Probably her.”

    (I point across the street to where his ex-girlfriend is giving an affectionate kiss to another woman.)

    Boyfriend: “She’s GAY?! Why didn’t she TELL me?”

    Me: “You would have been okay with it?”

    Boyfriend: “We were together for YEARS! I totally wanted a threesome and she knew it. She was just holding out on me!”

    (My relationship with him didn’t last too much longer after that, especially once he started trying to push me to ‘decide’ that I liked women, too.)

    Not Being Straight With Each Other

    | UT, USA | Family/Kids, Flirting/How We Met, LGBTQ

    (I am a gay male but haven’t come out to my family yet. I am house sitting for my grandma while she is in a nursing home recovering from surgery. She has set up a blind date between me and a female nurse. I don’t want to upset her and am not ready to come out, so I go. We are having a great time, but toward the end of the night I start getting really uncomfortable because I don’t want to lead her on.)

    Me: “Hey, uh… I need to tell you something about me…”

    Date: “Yeah… I need to tell you something, too.”

    (She also seems really nervous about something, but I knew that if I didn’t go first I would never get it out.)

    Me: “I’m gay. I only came on this date for Nana.”

    (She starts laughing, and I am so embarrassed I get up to leave.)

    Date: “No, wait. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because I am a lesbian. That’s what I needed to tell you.”

    (We both had a laugh at the way Nana roped us into the date and have been close friends ever since!)

    Time To Leave The Pod

    | Canada | Dating, LGBTQ

    (My boyfriend and I are both adult men living with his mother. We are watching a scene in ‘Blackfish’ where men are rounding up orcas and stealing the babies.)

    Me: “Can you imagine someone coming around and taking all your kids away?”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah. I’m First Nations. That happened to us. I’m an orca!”

    (Later on in the movie.)

    Movie: “After an orca is born it never leaves its mother’s side.”

    Me: “Baby, you are an orca!”

    Hard Love

    | London, England, UK | Dating, LGBTQ

    (My girlfriend and I are both girls. We are about to have sex, and she is kissing my stomach.)

    Me: “Come here, I need to kiss you.”

    Girlfriend: “No time for any of this romantic s***! Go hard or go home!”

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