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    Love is blind, but marriage is the eye-opener.

    He Has The Breast Of Intentions, Part 3

    | Boston, MA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    Me: “What’s wrong?”

    Wife: “My boobs hurt.”

    Me: “Would you like me to massage them and make the pain go away?”

    Wife: *glares*

    Me: “What?”

    Wife: *shakes head* “You’re so selfless.”

    Me: “That’s me. Mr. Selfless.”

    He Has The Breast Of Intentions, Part 2
    He Has The Breast Of Intentions

    The Class Act Is Just An Act

    | Wilmington, NC, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (I asked my husband to open a bottle of wine for me and he takes a sip straight out of the bottle.)

    Me: “Hey, don’t drink out of the bottle. Wine is classier than that”

    Husband: “I’m not!”

    Being The Butt Of Each Other’s Jokes

    | Broussard, LA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (I’ve been saying “Hey, guess what? I love your butt!” to my husband every day for over a week at the time of this story.)

    Husband: “Hey, guess what?”

    Me: “You love my butt?”

    Husband: *fake offended* “I don’t love just your butt!”

    (He sits next to me and grabs my feet.)

    Husband: “I love your toes… and I love your legs… and I love your shoulders…”

    (He names a few more body parts, touching each as he goes, and it ends with us hugging and cuddling in silence for a minute.)

    Me: “So, what were you gonna say?”

    Husband: “That I love your butt.”

    As Long As You Still Get Hot

    | Wales, UK | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners

    (My family always hosts a bonfire party every year:)

    Mom: *looks at fire* “I thought it would be bigger.”

    Dad: “That’s what you’ve always said, honey.”

    Needs To Retire That Attitude

    | MI, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (My dad is 60. He likes to joke to my mom that he would be able to pick up all of the old ladies in retirement homes.)

    Dad: “There are certain places in Florida where I would be a hot commodity.”

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