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    A (Very) Simple Matter Of Engagement

    | NC, USA | Dating, Themed Giveaway, Top

    (My boyfriend and I have just wrapped a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention for which we both work as staff, and are walking about looking at supplies and talking about things we need for the Con next year.)

    Boyfriend: “We should pick up a binder to start planning a wedding, too.”

    Me: *silent for a moment, then nodding*

    Boyfriend: “Did I just… I guess it’s official, then.”

    Me: “Yeah. We have to come up with a better story to tell my mother.”

    (Proposing between conversations about our mutual work: he’s a keeper.)

    C***-Blocked By The Captain

    | Canada | Dating, Top

    (It’s my first time in my girlfriend’s bedroom. We’re on the bed, getting into it.)

    Girlfriend: “Oh, oh, oh, Steve.”

    Me: *freezing* “Who the f*** is Steve?”

    (She freezes also, and turns bright red.)

    Girlfriend: “Um. Steve…” *flinches* “Rogers?”

    Me: “What?”

    (She reaches into the table beside her bed, and pulls out a movie magazine.)

    Girlfriend: “So. Yeah. Um. Yeah. Fair warning: If ever the opportunity arises, I’m totally leaving you for Captain America.”

    Me: “… Yeah, I’d probably leave you for him, too.”

    (We stare at each other for under a minute before putting the movie on and resuming our activities.)

    Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

    | CA, USA | Dating, Themed Giveaway, Top

    (My girlfriend and I have just woken up on a Saturday morning. While my girlfriend is making breakfast, I see the remaining slices of cake from her birthday in the refrigerator. I know those slices have been saved for me, but I’m not sure if it’d be wise to eat them just yet.)

    Me: “Honey, I have a very important question.”

    Girlfriend: *not missing a beat* “Eat the cake for breakfast.”

    (Yep, she’s a keeper.)

    She’s A (Dragon)Keeper

    | MI, USA | Dating, Themed Giveaway, Top

    (I talk to/complain/shout at the video games I’m playing, loudly. My boyfriend and his friend are chatting nearby while I’m playing a game.)

    Me: “What son of a troll-bitten half-elf decided that I had to kill a freaking DRAGON anyway?! —DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME! YOU ARE A GIANT! I SWEAR TO GOD, IF YOU DIE I WILL KILL YOU! That’s right. You’d better live…” *mutters*

    Boyfriend: “You okay over there, babe?”

    Me: “Trying to kill the Archdemon. Talk to me and die before it does!”

    Friend: “Marry her.”

    The Real Driver Of The Relationship

    | NY, USA | Dating, Top

    (My boyfriend has lived his whole life in the city, while I’m a suburbs kid. Therefore, I do 95% of the driving since he always took public transportation and barely knows how to drive. He’s also a stereotypical ‘New York Driver,’ even when he’s not behind the wheel.)

    Boyfriend: “You’re letting all these people get ahead of us!”

    Me: “I’m not slowing down at all though, and actually we’re going 10 over the speed limit as it is.”

    Boyfriend: “But you’re leaving way too much space. Why don’t you just pull up!?”

    Me: “Because it’s called safe driving! It takes a certain amount of time to stop if—”

    (Literally in the middle of saying it, the cars ahead of us suddenly slam on their brakes, causing me to slam on mine. Despite leaving ‘too much space’ we stop less than a foot from the bumper of the car ahead of us.)

    Me: *quiet a second* “—so can I leave more space—”

    Boyfriend: *squeaky voice* “YEP!”

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