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    It’s Cupid To Argue

    | CT, USA | Flirting/How We Met, Top

    (I am female and a volunteer at a camp. I am currently working with another counselor who is a male and happens to be very good looking. We are in a room working with a group of kids. One of the little girls comes up to me.)

    Girl: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

    Me: *looks at her with confusion* “No. Why?”

    Girl: “I thought you were dating him.” *points to other counselor in the room*

    Me: *blinks* “Ah… No, I’m not dating [Counselor]… Why him?”

    Girl: *beams* “I think you two are perfect for each other!”

    Me: “Ah. How about you go join the other kids, all right?”

    (Fast forward to the end of the day, as the kids are signing out to leave.)

    Me: *starts to leave*

    Counselor: “Hey! Wait up!”

    Me: *turns around* “Hey, [Counselor], what is it?”

    Counselor: “I was wondering… Would you like to go out with me?”

    Me: *eyes widen* “Seriously? Sure. I’d love to.”

    Counselor: *grins* “Awesome. How about after camp tomorrow?”

    Me: *smiles back* “Sounds good.”

    (The little girl from before runs up to him.)

    Girl: *looks at him* “I told you she would say yes!” *looks at me* “And now you’re dating him!”

    (The two of us just looked at each other and laughed. We’ve been dating for a year now, and still can’t believe that a seven year old girl was able to successfully set us up together.)

    Ended With A Single Punchline

    | PA, USA | Top

    (My boyfriend, at the very beginning of our relationship, used to tell a lot of sexist jokes. It was entirely harmless, of course, because as a generally stoic and emotionless person, he was just trying to get a reaction out of me. One day, quite by accident, I finally figured out a way to get him to stop.)

    Boyfriend: “Hey, why don’t women ever use umbrellas?”

    Me: “I don’t know. Why?”

    Boyfriend: “Because it never rains in the kitchen!”

    (I give an exasperated sigh, which encourages him to start telling another one.)

    Boyfriend: “What do you call—”

    Me: “I’ve got one.”

    Boyfriend: “Really?”

    Me: “Yeah. What do you call a guy who tells a lot of sexist jokes?”

    Boyfriend: *laughs* “I don’t know, what?”

    Me: “Single.”

    He’s Especially Good At Articulating

    | Gaston, NC, USA | Marriage & Partners, Top

    (My dad & I are driving from Maryland to Georgia. I send my husband a text message to let him know we’re stopping for the night.)

    Me: “We’re stopping now in Gastonia, NC.”

    Husband: “Noooo oooonnnneeee… parks in Gaston, no one sleeps in Gaston, no one gets a hotel with clean sheets in Gaston!”


    | Redlands, CA, USA | Flirting/How We Met, Top

    (I live in a wealthy beach community where the guys can be pretty full of themselves. I’m at a bar about 60 miles inland with my sister and a friend when a group of guys they know comes in. My sister introduces me to one guy.)

    Me: *shaking hands* “Hi, I’m [My Name].”

    Him: “Hi, I’m the cockiest ‘s.o.b.’ you’ll ever meet.”

    (He delivers this line with a broad wink, and I can tell he thinks it’s very charming. All the women and his friends at the table laugh.)

    Me: “Well, I live in Newport Beach, and you’re not even the cockiest ‘s.o.b.’ I’ve met so far THIS WEEK.”

    (His face completely fell and his friends start teasing him about being burned. Needless to say, he didn’t speak to me again after that.)

    They’ve Both Joined The Dark Side

    | Australia | Dating, Top

    (I go out shopping with a man I’ve only been dating a couple of weeks, and he drags me into the toy section of a large store. Note that we’re both in our mid-twenties. I’m playing with a toy light-saber when this happens.)

    Him: “You think that’s cool? You should see MY light-saber!”

    Me: *turns to stare at him*

    Him: *realisation hits* “That wasn’t a line! I actually have a light-saber at home! How lame is that…”

    Me: “Even lamer is that I didn’t think for one second that you WEREN’T talking about an actual toy light-saber.”

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