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    Knows How To Express How He Feels

    | Tampa, FL, USA | Dating

    (One of my guy friends has asked me out on a date after admitting he’s had a crush on me for several months. Since the crush is mutual, I accept. It’s the day before the date, and I’m at work (part-time cashier), in a great mood.)

    Customer: “You don’t have to go on break anytime soon, do you? I’ve got a massive order.”

    Me: “Nope, I actually just got off break, so you’re fine.”

    Customer: “Great!” *I start scanning items* “So, are you looking forward to the weekend?”

    Me: “Yes! I have a date this weekend that I’m really excited about. And you?”

    Customer: “Having a family get-together; a really big one, obviously!”

    (10 minutes later, they’re still going on this huge order.)

    Customer: “I forgot something! Can I—”

    Me: “Sure.” *customer runs off, and I spot my guy friend/date at the end of the line* “Hey! I thought you were at work!”

    Guy friend: “Nah, I work the late shift today. Just stopping in to pick up some dinner and see you!” *grins*

    Me: “Aw! You’re so great.” *big, stupid smile on my face*

    Customer: “Okay, I’m back. So sorry about that.” *sees my guy at the end of the line* “Oh, you only have two items. You know, I have a really big order, so you might want to go to the express lane.”

    Guy friend: “I’m cool here.”

    Customer: “No, seriously, she’s in the middle of my order, and you don’t want to be standing here for a long time.”

    Guy friend: “Really, it’s okay.”

    Customer: “The express lane has no line!”

    Me: “No, no, he’s fine! He’s here to-”

    Guy friend: “I’m here to see her.” *points at me*

    Customer: *looks at me, then looks at my guy* “Oh. Oh! I am so sorry! Never mind, you stay right there!”

    (My guy did stay there—for another 10 minutes while I rang up the rest of the customer’s order!)