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    Doesn’t Like Dem Apples

    | TX, USA | Dating

    (I talk in my sleep and my boyfriend likes to recount the stories to me, much to my horror.)

    Boyfriend: “You were taking again last night.”

    Me: “Oh, god,. What now?”

    Boyfriend: “Something about how the apples were coming and we needed to get things ready for them. Then you stopped.”

    Me: “What is wrong with my brain?”

    Boyfriend: “Then you looked up five minutes later and asked if they were here yet.”

    Me: *facepalm*

    When Domesticating Your Man Has Gone Too Far

    | Ireland | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are getting groceries, and I decide to wear sexy lingerie.)

    Me: *seductively* “I am not wearing any underwear.”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah, me neither; we should really do laundry more often!”

    (The saddest part is that he actually meant it!)

    A Handy Comeback

    | London, England, UK | Dating

    (I’m meeting my girlfriend after work to get dinner.)

    Me: “Oh, yeah. I bought you a little gift today: a Moomin fridge magnet.”

    Girlfriend: “Oh, wow, that’s nice! Sorry, I don’t have anything to give to you but a firm handshake.”

    (We shook hands and continued on the restaurant like it was totally normal behaviour.)

    When You’re Just Adding To The Problem

    | Tokyo, Japan | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are taking a shower together. I have been out riding my bicycle for about an hour and neglected to wear a sports bra so there’s noticeable redness underneath the breasts where it chafed a bit.)

    Boyfriend: “You’ve got a red line there.”

    Me: “Oh, yeah. Can’t be helped.”

    Boyfriend: “Isn’t there any way you can stop that from happening?”

    Me: “Not unless they get smaller. They’re just too heavy.”

    Boyfriend: “D***. Well, that makes me conflicted.”

    (Without missing a beat, he grabs my breasts and starts massaging them.)

    Boyfriend: “Get bigger! Get bigger!”

    July Theme Of The Month: Gullible Partners

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    Introducing July’s Theme Of The Month: Gullible Partners!

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