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    The Renting Game Has Several Tricks

    | CA, USA | Dating

    (I’m overdue rent by three days, but my boyfriend has stepped in to help me cover it. After sleeping with him, he heads off into the bathroom while I stay in bed. It turns out my landlord is right upstairs, so he comes to knock on the door. I open the door for the landlord, who sees my boyfriend handing me the money.)

    Landlord: “So… do you uh…”

    (He starts blushing.)

    Me: “Here’s $400, and the rest I’ll get within the next two hours, promise!”

    Landlord: “Glad to hear it; give me a call when you have it!”

    Me: “Of course, bye-bye!”

    (After he leaves, my boyfriend to turns to me.)

    Boyfriend: “He had that look on his face like this has happened before.”

    Me: “Poor guy. Well at least he knows I’m getting the money together somehow.”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah, but can you imagine how he thinks you’re getting it?”

    New Heights Of Maturity

    | San Jose, CA, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I both work full-time. As such, we don’t cook as often as we probably should. We also have a running joke about being either big kids or grown-ups, as we do either ridiculously childish or run-of-the-mill household things. Tonight we team up and make a big pot of jambalaya so that we have a good dinner and ample leftovers for later. He does the prep work before I get home from my job, and I do the actual cooking.)

    Me: “We made food! We’re big kids!”

    Boyfriend: “I don’t know about that.”

    Me: “We’re like big kids?”

    Boyfriend: “Eh…”

    Me: “We’re taller than the average children?”

    Boyfriend: “There you go!”

    Hotter Than Mustafar, Cooler Than Hoth

    | UK | Dating, Flirting/How We Met

    (My boyfriend and I are discussing which date to pick as our anniversary, since neither of us can remember exactly when we started officially dating.)

    Me: “One that’s easy to remember, like 5/5?”

    Boyfriend: “Oooh, what about 5/4? That’s International Star Wars Day!”

    Me: “That’s perfect; it fits with our theme song!”

    (Our theme song is the Force theme.)

    Boyfriend: “Indeed.”

    Me: “We are the geekiest couple ever.”

    Boyfriend: “Not by a long shot, my love.”

    Me: “Well, then, we’re the geekiest hot couple ever.”

    Boyfriend: “That’ll do.”

    Engaged In Religious Debate

    | Canada | Marriage & Partners, Theme Of The Month

    (My boyfriend proposes after a seven-year relationship. We are not religious, even though his parents are. We are having dinner with his parents.)

    Dad: “You two had better become Christians. You need to thank God; he made it happen.”

    Fiancé: “We don’t believe in God. I understand you do, and we respect it. But please don’t push it on us. We are getting married because we want it to happen; not God, nor anyone else.”

    Mom: “I think you need to reconsider. Two nights ago, we were wondering when you would marry. I prayed to God for you to marry, and it worked!”

    Dad: “Yep. So it is God’s work. Who knows how many more years you’d go on without proposing if we hadn’t prayed?”

    Fiancé: “Did you say just two nights ago?”

    Dad: “Yes!”

    Fiancé: “I started ring shopping three weeks ago, and bought it last week.”

    Mom: “Well, you probably would have just kept it, and been afraid to ask if we hadn’t prayed!”

    That Really Takes The Biscuit

    | Exeter, England, UK | Dating

    (My girlfriend and I are emailing at work. I am having a very slow day.)

    Me: “I just got very distressed because I thought I’d lost my hobnob. Then I realised I was using it as a coaster, so it was okay.”

    My Girlfriend: “This is why I love you.”

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