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    | NY, USA | Dating

    (My friend, her boyfriend, and I are talking. My friend mentions about how there was a spider on the ceiling when her boyfriend was over at her house.)

    Friend: “And there was a spider on the ceiling!”

    Me: “What did you do?”

    Friend: “I didn’t do anything, I just stood there screaming, but [boyfriend] came over with a stepladder and a bowl and caught the spider!”

    Me: “How did he get it down if it was on the ceiling?”

    Friend: “He didn’t think that part through, so he was standing on the step stool with his hand on the ceiling for about 10 minutes until I found the vacuum.”

    Friend’s Boyfriend: “I looked like the f***ing Statue of Liberty!”

    A Flawless Compliment

    | NJ, USA | Dating

    (I am chatting with my boyfriend over a video game chat client.)

    Me: “What are my favorite colors?”

    Boyfriend: “Uh, electric blue and purple? I guessing purple because you like amethyst.”

    Me: “I’m just really impressed you remember I like amethyst! I’ve mentioned it, like, once. And that you spelled it right.”

    Boyfriend: “You know how I remembered both of those things? Skyrim. Because in one of my games I started hoarding amethysts so I could arrange it in a heart, take a picture, and send it to you.”

    Me: “That is the most nerdily adorable thing you’ve ever said.”

    Number Two Is Company, Pee Is A Crowd

    | New Hampshire, USA | Dating

    (During our birthday month, my boyfriend and I always get to choose a movie that we want to see and the other cannot complain about it. We’re laying in bed after coming home from watching the chick flick I chose.)

    Boyfriend: “That movie was absurd.”

    Me: “No, it was romantic.”

    Boyfriend: “It was cheesy.”

    Me: “A little, but it was cute. You should be romantic more often. Maybe compliment me more?”

    Boyfriend: “Honey, you’re so beautiful I can’t even poop.”

    Me: “Forget it… you’ll never learn.”

    Just Don’t Include Krypton

    | USA | Dating

    (I’m telling my scientist boyfriend about the “Chemically Imbalanced” series.)

    Me: “I vote Boron, Astatine, Manganese. ‘BAtMn’. What do you think?”

    Boyfriend: “Meh. I vote Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus, Erbium, Manganese.”

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