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    Hands Down Appreciative

    | Canada | Dating

    (I have just finished giving my boyfriend a long back massage. He has told me before that he thinks my massages are amazing and that I should become a professional masseuse.)

    Boyfriend: “That was awesome! I love your hands so much! I think if you lost your hands I would have to leave you.”

    Me: “… What?”

    Boyfriend: *grabs my hand and kisses it* “Favourite number one!” *grabs my other hand and kisses it* “Favourite number two!” *pulls my face toward him to kiss my lips* “Favourite number three!”

    Let Us Hope One Is Not As Cheesy As The Other

    | Minneapolis, MN, USA | Dating

    Me: *sits up on the edge of my boyfriend’s bed* “You know what I want, and I’m ready for it.”

    Boyfriend: “… My penis?”

    Me: “No. Your mac and cheese.”

    Who Says Romance Is Dead(pool)?

    | WI, USA | Dating, Theme Of The Month

    (I am generally a non-romantic, geeky-type girl. My boyfriend and I are out for a Valentine’s beer. I spot someone wearing a hooded sweatshirt that zips over the face to make the wearer look like Boba Fett from ‘Star Wars.’)

    Me: “Check that awesomeness out!”

    Boyfriend: “Holy S***, that’s GREAT!”

    Me: *now disenchanted* “It would be better if it was Deadpool.”

    Boyfriend: *stares at me in disbelief*

    Me: “What?”

    Boyfriend: *gleefully* “Are you really my girlfriend?!”

    It’s Five O’clock Somewhere…

    | USA | Engaged, Top

    (I’m having a particularly stressful day. Nothing has gone quite as planned and my daughter has been a little hellion all day.)

    Me: *on the verge of tears* “Is it an acceptable time to start drinking yet?”

    Fiancé: “Um…” *he leaves and comes back with my clock* “Look! It’s after five!”

    Me: “Yes!”

    (I proceed to make myself a drink and sit down to drink it. After I finish, my fiancé picks the clock back up and gets his phone out.)

    Me: “You changed the clock so I could have a drink?”

    Fiancé: “Yup!”

    Me: “Thank you!”

    Hypothetical Bearings

    | Sweden | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are lying in bed at home. When I have trouble sleeping, I ask him to talk to me, and then conversations like this occur…)

    Me: “If you were a duke, and I a non-noble person, what would you do? We couldn’t live together or anything.”

    Boyfriend: “I’d be the first monogamous duke in the world and I’d use all the dirt I have on the king so that he’d let us be together.”

    Me: “Aww, sweet. It’s your turn to ask a question now.”

    Boyfriend: “Okay. What if we lived on the Arctic? And we had to live in an igloo to survive?”

    Me: “I’d buy a freezer to keep us warm. But what about bears? They would try to attack us, wouldn’t they?”

    Boyfriend: “Maybe not if we close the igloo.”

    Me: “But they’d be able to smell us? What would stop a polar bear from attacking us in the middle of the night while we’re sleeping in our igloo?”

    Boyfriend: “These bears are afraid of architecture…”

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