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    Rules Of Exes #66


    Fooling With The Grammar

    | WA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband sends me a text.)

    Husband: “I am at school but shouldn’t be ’cause I am too cool for school.”

    Me: “You spelled ‘fool’ wrong.”

    The Outcome Was Shiny

    | Germany | Flirting/How We Met

    (I have been trying to hit on a cute coworker for some weeks now, but she seems not to mention anything. As I’m very shy I’m not sure how to ask her directly but want to give it a try.)

    Me: “Uhm… [Coworker]?”

    Coworker: “Yeah, what is it?”

    Me: “Uhm… I… just asked myself if… Uhm… I want to know…”

    (At that point I feel that I’m blushing and that I’m about to start talking nonsense or about my nerdy hobbies.)

    Me: “If this was the Serenity and we were about to land on a planet would you like to hang out with me?”

    (I’m shocked about what I said and my cute coworker looks puzzled and then starts to laugh.)

    Coworker:Firefly to hit on me? Never heard something that geeky, stupid, and still cute. Yes, I want to go out with you.”

    (After that she started to call me ‘Wash’ and we’ve been dating for five months!)

    Can’t Disavow That

    | The Netherlands | Dating

    (My girlfriend and I are on Skype while playing an online game. I’m talking to myself while focusing on the game:)

    Me: “I’m just going to try to…” *gets distracted by the game* “Ah, f*** that!”

    Girlfriend: “You’re going to try to f*** that?”

    Me: “Yup, that’s been my plan all along.”

    Girlfriend: “Can that be in our wedding vows?”

    Safety In Numbers

    | CT, USA | Flirting/How We Met

    (My friend and I are heading to class when a group of guys walks by us. One of them is a new transfer from England.)

    Guy: “Hey, [My Name]!”

    (He hands me a slip of paper just as we pass each other. As they walk away, I glance at the piece of paper before shoving it into my pocket and continuing to walk with my friend.)

    Friend: *laughs* “What was that about? What was on that paper, anyway?”

    Me: *smiles and shakes my head* “There’s a number on that paper he gave me.”

    Friend: “Oh, my god. Are you kidding me? You’ve got to admit, though. That was smooth.”

    Me: *laughs* “That’s true. I wouldn’t expect less from a British boy.”

    Friend: *laughs* “Ah, yes. Although, knowing the guys, it’s probably a number for [pizza place] or something like that.”

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