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  • Requires Some Context For The Concept

    | USA | Dating

    Boyfriend: “Yeah, I was just at Target. Dad wanted me to pick up some diapers for the Immaculate Conception.”

    Me: “…what?”

    Boyfriend: “Yeah, the church is having a diaper drive!”

    Me: “Okay, you had me confused and a little worried for a second there.”

    Incredibly Adorable

    | Australia | Dating

    Me: “You make me happy!”

    Boyfriend: “That’s because you’re incredible!”

    Me: “…”

    Boyfriend: “…”

    Me: “… What?”

    Boyfriend: “It kinda made sense! Ignore me! Ignore mee!”

    (He then attempted to smother my laughter by bear-hugging my head, and I proved that I can laugh pretty darn hard with minimal oxygen.)

    Falling In Love In Three Seconds

    | London, UK | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are eating dinner, when a piece of chicken falls from my plate and onto the floor. I quickly pick it up and put it back on my plate, but catch my boyfriend staring at me.)

    Me: “If I eat this, are you going to break up with me?”

    Boyfriend: “No. I was going to say if you’re not going to eat it, then I will.”

    Me: “I’m definitely eating it. Three second rule.”

    Boyfriend: “Good. You’re disgusting and I love you.”

    Full Metal Panic

    | MN, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend is trying to get into a tight parking spot.)

    Boyfriend: *talking to his truck* “Come on! You can do it, baby!”

    Me: “Um… you call me ‘baby.’ I don’t think I’m comfortable having the same nickname as your truck…”

    Boyfriend: “Well, what do you want me to do?”

    Me: “Well, you’ve had the truck longer than we’ve been dating so it can keep ‘baby.’ You need to think of a new nickname for me though.”

    Boyfriend: *instantly, without pausing or thinking* “THUNDERCHUNKY!”

    Me: “What?!”

    Boyfriend: *defensively* “You pressured me. I panicked.”

    Always Waking Up To The Same Old Grind

    | AB, Canada | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband has a habit of  randomly grabbing my cheek and pulling on it. This occurs after I had a nightmare last night:)

    Husband: “You know, you were grinding your teeth again last night.”

    Me: “Really? Sorry, I had a nightmare last night. Did I wake you up?”

    Husband: “No. I dreamt I was pulling on your cheek. When I woke up I was pulling your cheek to stop you from grinding your teeth.”

    Me: “…thanks?”

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