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    Who Says Romance Is Dead(pool)?

    | WI, USA | Dating, Themed Giveaway

    (I am generally a non-romantic, geeky-type girl. My boyfriend and I are out for a Valentine’s beer. I spot someone wearing a hooded sweatshirt that zips over the face to make the wearer look like Boba Fett from ‘Star Wars.’)

    Me: “Check that awesomeness out!”

    Boyfriend: “Holy S***, that’s GREAT!”

    Me: *now disenchanted* “It would be better if it was Deadpool.”

    Boyfriend: *stares at me in disbelief*

    Me: “What?”

    Boyfriend: *gleefully* “Are you really my girlfriend?!”

    Their Relationship Is Streets Ahead

    | Buffalo, NY, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I just started to get more exclusive. We’re out at the bar with our two female friends. We all have a weird sense of humor and we’ve determined that my boyfriend is our pimp for the night.)

    Me: “But I’m your main b**** right?”

    Boyfriend: “Main? B****? I get the two confused of which one you are sometimes.”

    Me: “I’ll take it as a compliment either way!”

    Bromancing The Stone

    | Manchester, England, UK | Bromance, Top

    (Two of my male friends are basically soul mates. They have been best friends for almost their entire lives, and can quite easily finish each others thoughts and sentences. They’re completely secure in their sexualities, too. While they’re both straight, they sometimes appear to be a gay couple to people who don’t know them well.)

    Friend #1: “So, [Friend #2], how about that girl you were chatting to earlier? She was pretty fit.”

    Friend #2: “Yeah, but she was as dumb as a box of rocks. Can’t have sex with someone who can barely read.”

    (A new friend in the group suddenly pipes up.)

    New Friend: “Wait a sec. I thought you two were gay?”

    Me: “Haha, yeah. They seem like that. They’re both totally straight.”

    New Friend: “Oh… So why are they holding hands?”

    (We all peer around the table to see that they are indeed holding hands. They look at their hands, then up at each other. Then they speak in unison:)

    Both: “I don’t know who started this, but I’ll be d***ed if I let go first.”

    Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beer-Holder

    | Germany | Dating

    (We are out to drink something and the alcohol makes my girlfriend a little emotional.)

    Girlfriend: “I’m nothing special. I’m ordinary…”

    Me: “You’re beautiful!”

    Girlfriend: “You have to say that; you are my boyfriend.”

    Me: “NO! I am your boyfriend BECAUSE you are beautiful.”


    | WA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (I have a very large chest. I am out with my husband and his friends for his birthday, and one of his friends is talking about a girl he’d recently been seeing. Another friend chimes in, cupping the area where a woman’s breasts would be.)

    Friend: “She’s really smart!”

    (My husband points to me.)

    Husband: “You mean, super smart or just really smart?”

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