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    Love Isn’t The Only Thing In The Air, Part 13

    | Beckley, WV, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband and I had just gotten off work from a call center. It’s the middle of winter and I’ve got the heat roaring. We’re stopped at a red light and suddenly I smell this really bad odor. My husband is trying his hardest to keep a straight face.)

    Me: “What is that?”

    Husband: *between giggles* “Baby, I’m sorry,”

    (The light is still red when my eyes start to water and I start coughing. Between the smell and the heat making it worse, I start going into an asthma attack, rotating between coughing and wheezing. My husband realizing what’s happening starts looking for my inhaler and apologizing profusely even as he just starts dying he’s laughing so hard.)

    Husband: “I’m… I’m sorry! I feel horrible! But oh, my god, it’s just so freaking funny!”

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    The Reason They Keep In Touch

    | Germany | Friends With Benefits

    (My friend-with-benefits and I are sitting in his car after having sex. He has a habit of tapping on my forearm or thigh while talking to me. He just did this a few times in quick succession.)

    Me: “You really like touching me, do you?”

    Him: *tapping on my thigh once more* “We wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t like touching you.”

    Me: “…you definitely have a point there.”

    Drowning In Your Ice Cold Telepathy

    | FL, USA | Marriage & Partners, Theme Of The Month

    (My husband and I have just spent a long, summer day out running around, tending to errands. His car at the time has no air-conditioning, so we have the windows rolled down. I’m leaning my head against the window sill trying to cool down on the way home.)

    Husband: “I think we are about ten minutes away now. I’m exhausted.”

    Me: “Me, too. I just want to lay in the A/C.”

    (Between that exchange and our arrival home, I daydream of a large glass of icy water briefly, but never say anything. When we pull into the driveway:)

    Husband: “Okay, sweetheart, we’re home. Let’s get you inside and get you that giant glass of water!”

    Me: *stunned* “How did you know I wanted a giant glass of water?”

    Husband: “You told me so!”

    Me: “I… never said anything. I thought about it hard, but I never said it!”

    Husband: “Well, quit thinking so loud! That was all I heard about on the way back!”

    Classical Fighting For Modern Couples

    | Henrietta, NY, USA | Fights/Breakups, Marriage & Partners

    (My husband and I have just been arguing while on a car ride. We have both been silent for a little while. Finally, convinced I am stewing and need to get things off my chest, my husband speaks up.)

    Husband: *sighs* “What are you thinking about?”

    Me: “You won’t believe me.”

    Husband: *bracing himself* “What are you thinking about, honey?”

    Me: “Well… I was thinking about [modern type of house] and wondering how much square footage you actually save versus a [classical type of house], if any, and who thought that they were a good idea.”

    (My brain does tend to move on quickly! My husband and I had a good laugh about it and we made up.)

    Stony Compliments

    | MI, USA | Dating

    (I am driving home from picking my boyfriend up from work. He is in the passenger seat to my right, and the windows are down.)

    Me: “How was work?”

    Boyfriend: “So busy. Ran out of pretty much everything at one point.”

    Me: “What were you doing?”

    Boyfriend: “Making the sandwiches.”

    Me: *pushes buttons to put windows up*

    Boyfriend: “Aww, but your hair looked cool. It was whipping around… like Medusa!”

    Me: “Beautiful Medusa or Scary Snake Lady Medusa?”

    Boyfriend: “Scary Snake Lady Medusa.”

    Me: “I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or not.”

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