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    A Warming Friendtionship

    | PA, USA | Flirting/How We Met

    (My best friend and are I are incredibly close, to the point where people think we are dating. My friend is male, while I am female. We go out on weekly dinner dates during school, and this happens on one of our ‘dates.’)

    Me: “You know, [Mutual Friend] asked me yesterday if we were ‘a thing.'”

    Him: “Yeah, my parents asked my sister the same thing.”

    Me: “Are we not allowed to have friends of the opposite gender without getting asked if we are together?

    (At this point I pretend to lay down on the table in exasperation and he grabs my hands to warm his own hands up. He continues to hold my hands across that table until he feels his hands are adequately warm.)

    Me: “You know, this might be why people think we are dating…”

    Him: “I was thinking the same thing!”

    Mickey Maus

    | Atascadero, CA, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are just leaving a restaurant after dinner. Over the course of the weekend we have had several different conversations about WWII Japan and the U.S.S.R. about war atrocities and the experiments they performed.)

    Boyfriend: “Okay, lets talk about something different, something happy. Like Disneyland!”

    Me: *absentmindedly* “Yeah… like Mickey, Goofey and Donald going in with shotguns and blowing them away…”

    (My boyfriend starts laugh and smiling as he grabs me in a hug.)

    Boyfriend: “And this is why I love you!”

    This Relationship Died Before It Began

    , | Antwerp, Belgium | Flirting/How We Met

    (Upon leaving the restaurant, a passer-by stops me:)

    Him: “Are you single?”

    Me: *a bit cautious after earlier experiences* “Why?”

    Him: “I’m looking for someone like you to replace my recently deceased girlfriend.”

    Can’t Host That Request

    | Newport, RI, USA | Flirting/How We Met

    (I work as a host at a popular restaurant. It’s my job to welcome and seat everyone that comes in and manage reservations, as evident by the massive reservation book on the host stand just inside the door. A man enters the restaurant alone one night. Usually when people come alone it means they’re headed to the bar.)

    Me: “Hello!”

    Man: “Hi there.”

    (He leans against the host stand.)

    Me: “How’re you doing tonight?”

    Man: “Not too bad, and yourself?”

    Me: “Pretty good, thanks.”

    (He continues to lean, smiling at me.)

    Me: “So, table for one, or are you on your way to the bar?”

    Man: “Table for one sounds pretty pathetic, doesn’t it? Wanna join me?”

    Me: “Thanks for the invite, but I’m on the clock for a few more hours.”

    (He stares at me blankly.)

    Me: “I’m working.”

    Man: “What do you do?”

    Me: “I’m the host.”

    (He stares, confused.)

    Me: “I welcome people and find them a place to sit.”

    Man: “What, here?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Man: “At this restaurant?”

    Me: “You got it.”

    Man: “OH!”

    Me: “So, table for one?”

    A Rush Of Blood On A First Date

    | Stockholm, Sweden | Dating

    (I am on a date with a soon-to-be boyfriend. This is one of the first times we have been out, but it still isn’t awkward since we’ve been friends for a while. For some reason, I am admiring the steak knives on the table. They seem unusually big and sharp for a place like this.)

    Me: “Wow, these steak knives are really big!”

    Him: “Nah, they’re totally normal sized knives!”

    Me: “Oh, come on! You could totally kill someone with this knife!”

    Him: *facial expression suddenly turns really creepy* “Oh, babe, you know I wouldn’t kill you with a knife. There would be way too much blood…”

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