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    Not Being Straight With Each Other

    | UT, USA | Family/Kids, Flirting/How We Met, LGBTQ

    (I am a gay male but haven’t come out to my family yet. I am house sitting for my grandma while she is in a nursing home recovering from surgery. She has set up a blind date between me and a female nurse. I don’t want to upset her and am not ready to come out, so I go. We are having a great time, but toward the end of the night I start getting really uncomfortable because I don’t want to lead her on.)

    Me: “Hey, uh… I need to tell you something about me…”

    Date: “Yeah… I need to tell you something, too.”

    (She also seems really nervous about something, but I knew that if I didn’t go first I would never get it out.)

    Me: “I’m gay. I only came on this date for Nana.”

    (She starts laughing, and I am so embarrassed I get up to leave.)

    Date: “No, wait. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because I am a lesbian. That’s what I needed to tell you.”

    (We both had a laugh at the way Nana roped us into the date and have been close friends ever since!)

    Not Almost Romantic

    | NY, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend is not very romantic. One night we decide to go out and eat Chinese food. I manage to convince him to try eating with chopsticks, and after showing him how to use them I’m struggling to pick up a large piece of sesame chicken.)

    Boyfriend: “Here, let me get that.”

    (He reaches over, and just when I get my hopes up, he stabs the piece of chicken with a chopstick and holds it out to me. As I go to take a bite, he shoves the entire piece into my mouth, causing me to choke slightly and smear it all over my face.)

    Boyfriend: “Oops?”

    Me: *sighs* “You were this close. This close.”

    With Great Bacon, Comes Great Responsibility, Part 13

    | Albany, NY, USA | Dating

    (I’m having lunch by myself, when I overhear a conversation in the booth behind me. From their voices the couple sound like they were in their mid-twenties.)

    Girl: *unbelievably large belch* “Oh, yeah! Top THAT!”

    Guy: “That’s not fair. You chugged, like, a gallon of coke!”

    Girl: “Gotta do what you gotta do to win!”

    Guy: “Win what? Who’s more gross?”

    Girl: “And here I thought guys LIKED girls who weren’t prissy!”

    Guy: “There’s a difference between ‘not prissy’ and ‘that’s disgusting.’ It’s somewhere between ‘brush your teeth’ and ‘use more mouthwash,’ ‘cause you smell like old bacon.”

    (To say the least, I didn’t want bacon for a few days after hearing that.)

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    The Aged Of Innocence

    | MN, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners, Theme Of The Month, Top

    (I am nine months pregnant with my third son, and am sitting down at a Chinese restaurant. I have soup and a plate of stir-fried vegetables. Across the aisle from me is an elderly couple.)

    Older Man: “Look at that girl. What a cow. Look at her, honey. Just stuffin’ her face full.”

    (The older woman glances over, then looks down at her own plate.)

    Older Man: “See what I mean? Someone should just take the plate away and make her walk everywhere. No one wants a woman that big. Poor thing will be single for her life at this rate.”

    (The older woman sits silently and eats. By this point, I can feel tears starting, and now I don’t want to eat. But just as I think about waddling away, and thanks to what I hope are hormonal mood swings, I get angry. So I stand up and waddle over to his table.)

    Me: “Yeah, real nice. See this?” *I rub my pregnant belly* “It isn’t made of food. It’s a baby. My third, actually, and I’ve been happily married for a few years as well. Anything else horrible you’d like to say about a pregnant woman you don’t know? Maybe remark on my horrible complexion, or that I can’t tie my own shoes?”

    (The old man shakes his head and looks deflated. The older woman is suddenly angry.)

    Older Woman: “See, this is why I hate eating with you! Why do you got to be that old grumpy a** who keeps doing this? Apologize to her now! Poor thing!”

    Older Man: “I’m sorry. It was rude of me.”

    Me: “It definitely was. I’ll be leaving now.”

    Older Woman: “You’re such an a**! You are so lucky I said ‘yes’ 33 years ago, or someone would have killed you by now!”

    A Soft Spot For This One

    | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I have only been dating a few months.)

    Boyfriend: “You know what I like best about your face?”

    Me: “What?”

    Boyfriend: “There’s this little spot right here, where the skin’s different from where it is everywhere else and it’s perfectly round. I think it’s adorable.”

    Me: “…and now I know you’re a keeper.”

    Boyfriend: “What? Why?”

    Me: “That’s the scar of the biggest zit I ever had.”

    (I think I’ll hang on to this one.)

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