His World Just Went Pop

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(I have a weird problem; I get songs stuck in my head incredibly easy. Even if it’s just background noise my brain picks it up and plays it over and over till I want to kill myself. Pop songs are the worst, and because of this I never listen to the radio, and I always wear headphones when I go somewhere where I can be subjected to random music. However, I really like metal music and don´t mind having metal songs stuck in my head. My husband is also a huge metal head, and he has only ever experienced me listening to metal. Lately, I have started taking classes at my gym, which means I can not wear my headphones and is subjected to the music they play in the class.)

Me: *in the shower, singing absentmindedly* “Hey, how long till the music drowns you out? Don’t put words up in my mouth. I didn’t steal your boyfriend…”

(All of a sudden, my husband rips the shower door open and stares at me.)


Me: “What?”

Husband: “Seriously! Can you feel your arms?! Tell me your name! What year is it?!”

Me: “What the f*** are you talking about?”

Husband: “You´re singing… like, a f****** old pop song! I didn’t even know you knew pop songs existed! What is going on?!”

(I start laughing and tell him how I picked up the song. He sighs with relief and I finish my shower in peace. I then go downstairs to find him still giving me funny looks.)

Husband: “Wow. I totally just discovered a whole new side of you. This is weird. And my stomach still hurts from the shock!”

(I am now back to working out with headphones on!)

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