A Gallifrey Baby Boom

| Tasmania, Australia | Dating, Theme Of The Month

(My girlfriend is six-months pregnant, and we are both massive Doctor Who fans. We are both girls.)

Girlfriend: “Honey, look! I’ve swallowed a planet!”

Me: “Oh no! I’ll have to call the Doctor to rescue you!”

Girlfriend: “No, you’re the Doctor, and I’m Amy!”

Me: “Ooh, a girl Doctor! Hang on, but then you leave!” *pouts*

Girlfriend: “Fine, then, I’m River Song!”

Me: “Everyone the Doctor loves goes away!”

Girlfriend: “Well then, I’m another Time Lord, so we’ll be together forever!”

Me: “Yay! I just hope I don’t burn our planet down this time. Even if I do, I’ll always love you!”

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