A Taco Proposal

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(I’m a lesbian, and have anxiety issues. My girlfriend and I are eight hours apart at different law schools. We’re also very broke. She’s makes dinner.)

Girlfriend: “Tacos are up! I saved a packet of that hot sauce you like from Taco Bell to go with these homemade ones. Look in the fridge.”

Me: “Okay!”

(I find the sauce packet and take it out without looking at it.)

Girlfriend: “Wait, read what it says. They put little messages on them.”

(Instead of a funny quip, it says ‘will you marry me?’. I start crying and hyperventilating – I wasn’t expecting it for another year at least.)

Girlfriend: “I can’t afford a ring, and it’s not legal for us yet. But I know what I want. Just you; for the rest of my life. I don’t even care that you live so far away. It doesn’t even matter if you’re panicking right now. Just breathe! And think about it.”

(I eventually calmed down and said yes!)

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