A Watertight Sleeping Arrangement

| Jackson, MS, USA | Engaged, Long Distance

(I have moved in with my fiancé after a long distance relationship. On top of everything else being drastically different from what I know, he has a water bed instead of a regular one. It is sometimes hard for me to move on it.)

Me: “Ugh! I just can’t get comfortable. Hang on…I need to get out of bed and then back in.”

Fiancé: “Wait…what?”

Me: “You know, like how dogs have to turn around 3 times before they’re comfortable. I need to get out then back in to get comfortable.”

(He goes quiet while I move around and get settled. Finally I am relaxing, and I can feel the bed moving.)

Me: “You know, I can feel you laughing at me.”

Fiancé: *he starts giggling madly* “Feel me laughing?! You can hear me laughing at you!”

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