Cart In The Act

| Dating

(My date needs to pick up some groceries before driving home so I tag along with him. I go off to the bathroom, but when I return, I see he’s dancing with a tiny, pull-around shopping cart.)

Me: “Oh, so you’d dance with a cart but not me?!”

My Date: “Well, you were gone and it was here. I shall name it Carty and it’ll be our Carty, forever and ever.”

Me: *fake sniffles*

(After our shopping trip, we have to put ‘Carty’ back.)

My Date: “Okay Carty, your family has to go now. But that’s okay because they’ll take care of you here. Bye bye Carty… we’ll miss you.”

Me: “You still danced with that cart instead of me.”

My Date: “At least I didn’t abandon you at the store.”

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