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Love advice is best taken lightly, if at all. Thankfully, our friends and families are armed with truckloads of it!

You Probably Don’t Want To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

| Canada | Advice, Dating, Popular

(My boyfriend works at his family’s business, which happens to be a very well-known business in our city and is simply known by the family surname. I am hanging out with my best friend and her husband when the topic of work comes up.)

Husband: “So where does [Boyfriend] work?”

Me: “At [Business]… He’s a [Surname].”

Husband: “[Business]? Great, another one just marrying the money!”

Best Friend: “Hey! She is not marrying money!”

Me: *thinking my friend is sticking up for me* “Thank you!”

Best Friend: “…She’s just f***ing the money!”

Me: “…”

Totally Married To The Idea

| Taipei, Taiwan | Advice, Popular

(I grew up with a family that is both very conservative and but is accepting of modern equality. For example premarital sex is still extremely frowned upon, however homosexual relationships are okay. I am chatting with a friend online.)

Friend: “There’s something very contradicting about what you’ve been saying.”

Me: “What?”

Friend: “So premarital sex is not okay?”

Me: “Nope, it’s not.”

Friend: “But being gay is okay?”

Me: “Yes.”

Friend: “But many places don’t let them get married, so they’re either going to have to have premarital sex or don’t have sex.”

Me: “If law prevents legal marriage, a private marriage ceremony should still be performed with the same commitment expectations of a legal marriage.”

Friend: “So it’s still premarital sex?”

Me: “Legally premarital, unfortunately. But we need to keep fighting for rights until it becomes legally accepted. But if a couple is legally able to get married, yet still have premarital sex, that’s frowned on.”

Friend: “But what if they aren’t getting legally married because they are still closeted?”

Me: “That… well that’s understandable. But it is encouraged that they come out, especially if they are living somewhere where it’s legal. Being outcast for being gay should be less of a problem in those areas. But we do understand if they still have problems. But the main issue for frowning on premarital sex is commitment issues. Sex should be sacred to two people who are partners for life; it’s not to play around with. Generally, people who aren’t getting married aren’t committed enough.”

Friend: “Wow, you put a lot of thought into this…”

It Will All Turn To S*** Later

| NY, USA | Advice, Popular

(I have a history of not so great relationships, but I’ve started dating someone who seems really great. I am texting my friend.)

Me: “Something weird is happening. I feel happy.”

Friend: “It’s probably indigestion.”

Present Has Blanket Coverage

| Kitchener, ON, Canada | Advice, Dating, Family/Kids, Popular

(I’m a university student and during my free time, I’m crocheting an afghan for my boyfriend for Christmas. My grandmother, who taught me to crochet, is skeptical about my ability to finish it on time since it usually takes me a really long time to finish crocheting projects and Christmas is fast approaching. I’d also like to mention that I attempted to make an afghan of the same pattern for my ex-boyfriend in high school and he never ended up getting it because it took me too long to finish it.)

Grandmother: “I like the colours you used for that blanket.”

Me: “Thanks, I’m making it for [Boyfriend]. I thought the colours worked well together.”

Grandmother: “They do. When did you start making it?”

Me: “Around mid-October.”

Grandmother: “And when do you have to have that finished?”

Me: “By Christmas Eve at the very latest.”

Grandmother: “And you’ve only gotten this far? Christmas isn’t that far away, you know.”

Me: “I know, but I’ll make it. Once my exams are over, I’ll have a few days where I can just spend the entire day crocheting until I’ve finished it.”

Grandmother: *laughs, sarcastically* Sure you will! I’ve heard that before!”

Me: “I will! I have to get this done by Christmas this time!”

Grandmother: “You said that last time. Remember what happened?”

Me: “Yes. I didn’t finish it on time, we broke up, and I got to keep my lovely afghan. It was win-win. But this time I really need finish it on time! To prove that I can do it!”

Grandmother: “Does [Boyfriend] want a blanket for Christmas?”

Me: “I dunno, but he’s getting one!”

Time To Break Up, Make No Bones About It

| CA, USA | Advice, Fights/Breakups

(My roommate and I are watching the TV show ‘Bones.’)

Roommate: “So I think I need to break up with [Boyfriend].”

Me: “Oh, why?”

Roommate: “Well, the other day we were kissing and all I was thinking about was what his skull would look like if I peeled off all the skin.”

Me: “Well, to be fair he does have an interesting looking skull… Kind of prognathic…”

Roommate: “Right! And his forehead slopes back more than normal…” *pause* “…but I think if that’s what I’m thinking about while making out I should probably break up with him.”

Me: “Yeah, probably.”

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