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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

| OH, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(I have had sore back muscles for several days, and today woke up with a headache that steadily worsens into a migraine. After driving me home from work, my boyfriend grabs a roll-on bottle of menthol muscle rub and proceeds to rub it on my forehead and neck. My migraine is completely gone in less than five minutes. A bit later I have the idea to rub some on my back as well, to ease the muscle pain.)

Me: “Babe, can you please rub some of that on my back as well?”

Boyfriend: “I suppose. Stand up.”

(I stand up and he rubs it over the problem areas of my back. When he’s done, he does a little cackle/chuckle, and then turns back to what he was previously doing.)

Me: *sighs a little* “You just drew a penis on my back, didn’t you?”

Boyfriend: *grins really big* “Yiss.” *pickers up for a kiss*

Me: “Dork.” *kisses him*

Acting Like A Baby Versus Giving Birth To One

| San Jose, CA, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(My boyfriend is fantastic: gorgeous, funny, sweet, thoughtful.. But definitely suffers from ‘man colds’; he whines so much you’d think he was dying every time he gets a little bit sick. We’ve reached the point where we can at least joke about it, which helps me cope with how annoying he can be. He has caught a cold and left work early; I pick up soups for him and come home after I’m off. I find him in our room buried in a giant nest of blankets. He lifts his head weakly.)

Boyfriend: “The world is ending.”

Me: “Because you have the sniffles?”

Boyfriend: “Yes. It’s like CHILDBIRTH.”

He’ll Put A Spell On You

| Seattle, WA, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(My friend and I stream video games on Twitch, where people can watch and listen to us, and interact with us in the chat. As we’re both girls, we sometimes get interesting comments:)

Commenter: “So, [My Name], how young are you and are you single?”

Friend: “Actually, her boyfriend is in the chat right now.”

Commenter: “Whoops.”

Boyfriend: “WHAT?”

Me: “You summoned the boyfriend. Good luck.”

On The Coat-Tails Of A Gift

| NY, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(My boyfriend and I are hanging out in the lounge where both of our desks are. He has been doing something in the kitchen. He comes back into the lounge.)

Boyfriend: “Could you get me a beer?”

Me: *slightly irritated* “You were just in the kitchen, and you’re closer than I am. Do you really need me to get it?”

Boyfriend: “Please? I’m busy with something.”

(I’m annoyed, but I walk into the kitchen and notice there is a coat hanging on the fridge handle. I figure he’s hung his coat on there for some reason, so I take the coat off the fridge, pull out a beer, hang the coat back up, and go back to him.)

Boyfriend: *incredulous look* “Love, are you serious…? Could you get me another beer, please?”

Me: *now irritated and confused* “Why?!”

Boyfriend: “Or something else. Anything from the fridge. Please.”

(Frustrated, I go to the fridge, figuring maybe he needs an item in it to trace something on a paper for his origami or something random. I move the coat again, take out an item, hang the coat back up, and give the item to him.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, come here!”

(He goes into the kitchen, and I follow.)

Boyfriend: “Look at the coat!”

(I look at it, and I realize it is a brand new coat, one that I’ve wanted for myself for a while but couldn’t afford. I immediately start laughing so hard that I’m crying, thanking him profusely.)

Boyfriend: “How on earth did you not catch on?”

Me: “I don’t knooooow!”

(Not one of my finer moments, admittedly, but the coat is lovely, and he is the sweetest, even when I’m completely clueless!)

I Love You To Deep Space (Nine) And Back

| Nottingham, England, UK | Boyfriend/Girlfriend

(My boyfriend and I have been together just over three months at this point, but due to various circumstances he’s basically living with me. He’s much more ‘nerdy’ than me, but he introduced me to Star Trek and I love it. It’s Saturday night, and we’re in the living room, sitting quietly together; I’m doing uni work and he’s playing an online game.)

Me: “I love this. That we can sit together in quiet and enjoy ourselves together.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah. We don’t always have to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, I guess.”

Me: “Of course not. This is just as awesome.”

Boyfriend: “I guess it bodes well for the relationship, because we don’t have to worry about what to do after we watch the last season for a while yet.”

Me: “And of course, there’s always Deep Space Nine.”

(Deep Space Nine is a spin-off show. He looked extremely proud.)