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Engagement can be a bit like romantic purgatory for some, but at least you get to test drive a ring.


Just Home Run With It

| CA, USA | Engaged

(I am following my favorite baseball team on my computer while my fiancée relaxes nearby. I am definitely into baseball — she could not care less. While we don’t have cable, I am zealously watching the online Gamecast and get excited when I see my team get a run.)

Me: “Home run?! HOME RUN!”

(I throw my arms up in the air as my fiancée stares at me. Then…)

Fiancée: “Home run?”

Me: “Home run.”

Fiancée: “Home run!”

Me: “Home run.”

(It’s nice to know that we can communicate in basic sports terms.)


Time To Call It A Day

| Portland, OR, USA | Engaged

(I work at a call center and start at our morning hours, 6 am to 2:30 pm, so I start work as soon as they open the doors and turn the building lights on. The day has been particularly slow and I’m bored out of my skull messaging my fiancé.)

Me: “Ugh! This sucks, I feel like I’ve been here all day!”

Fiancé: “Babe… you literally have been there all day. You haven’t been anywhere else but inside our car since five in the morning!”


On The Same Level Of Engagement

| Bay Area, CA, USA | Engaged, Popular

(For my bridal shower, my maid of honor has come over to interview my soon to be husband and tape his answers to be shown in front of everyone as part of a quiz game. I am not allowed to watch, so I have no idea what questions she asked or what his answers were. After the maid of honor leaves he gives me a worried look.)

Me: “How was it?”

Husband-To-Be: “Just promise me you won’t be too mad…”

Me: “Uh… I’m nervous now… What did you say?”

Husband-To-Be: “I can’t tell you, but just promise you won’t be mad.”

(Later after the quiz game at the bridal shower, where I am asked the same series of questions in front of everyone and have to see if my answers match up with his. It was very cute and funny. I meet up with him and his sister.)

Me: “You did a very good job, babe! Your answers were very sweet. You had me so nervous; why did you think I’d get mad?”

Husband-To-Be: “I got the date we got engaged wrong…”

Me: “Oh! I did, too! I wasn’t even close to the right date.”

Husband-To-Be: “Awesome! High five!”

Sister-In-Law-To-Be: “You guys are hopeless. It’s written on a sign that is literally on your front door! The sign reads ‘[My Name] + [His Name] engaged! [Date].'”

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