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Engagement can be a bit like romantic purgatory for some, but at least you get to test drive a ring.


Engaged With The Wrong Parent

| PA, USA | Engaged, Proposals

(My parents had just gotten engaged, and my father wants to talk with my grandfather about what he thinks of him marrying my mom. Unsure how to go about this, my father decides to approach my grandmother about how best to broach the subject. He is incredibly nervous due to a few mishaps when mother’s sister got engaged to someone my grandfather didn’t care for.)

Daddy: *nervously stands next to my grandmother while she does the dishes* “Excuse me, Mrs. [Grandmother], uhm… What would be the best way to talk to your husband about [Mother] and I getting married?”

Grammy: *grins and tosses down the dish she was washing* “The best way to talk to my husband about getting married?! Here, I’ll show you!” *she then takes my father by the hand, drags the poor man to the TV room where my grandfather is watching something, and switches said TV off*

Grandmother: “[Grandfather]! [Father] here wants to tell you something!” *makes a grand gesture to my father* “YOU! You’re on!”

(My poor father managed to stutter out what he wanted to say, and thankfully my grandfather was very happy with their engagement! They’ve now been very happily married for more than twenty years, and despite my mother’s growing health issues, he always looks at her like he loves her more every day, never thinking her a burden, and giving her the biggest kiss on the lips when he comes home from work! Needless to say, my boyfriend has a lot to live up to! ;) )


The Wrongest Flavor Of Chocolate

| Essen, Germany | Engaged

(My fiancé and I are in bed, in the middle of sexytime. He was hungry before and thought about having oats with milk and chocolate powder, but got distracted when I came out of the shower naked. We literally JUST finished.)

Fiancé: “Are you sure there is no chocolate powder left?”

Me: “I love you, too, honey!”


Love On Tap

| TX, USA | Engaged

(I’m lying in bed with my fiancé, having trouble falling asleep. I sometimes sing songs in my head and tap along with my fingers. I’m tapping on my fiancé’s arm)

Fiancé: “Is that… Carmen?”

Me: “You know you’ve been with someone too long when they can interpret a famous opera number from the beat silently tapped on their arm. I love you.”

Fiancé: “You know you love someone when you can read their thoughts through your own form of Morse code. I love you, too.”


You’re The Blocked Light Of My Life

| CA, USA | Engaged

(I have just gotten out of the shower and see my fiancée clipping her toenails. Not able to help myself, I make a few off-color and gross remarks that shall remain unknown for the sake of everyone’s sanity. My fiancée is “put off” by my humor — not actually offended, but mildly perturbed — so I attempt to “salvage” the moment.)

Me: *teasingly* “Who loves me, honey?”

Fiancée: “Your mom. Your mom loves you.”

Me: “Yes, she does. Very much. But who else loves me?”

Fiancée: “I’m pretty sure your dad loves you.”

Me: “Yes, I’m confident that he loves me. But who else loves me?”

Fiancée: “I think your sister loves you.”

(By this point, I’m kneeling in front of the wastebasket where she’s disposing her toenail clippings, rubbing her knee.)

Me: “Yes, I’m sure she does. But who else loves me?”

Fiancée: “…Your brother?”

Me: “Yes, he does. Who else?”

Fiancée: “I think your cousins love you.”

Me: *already giggling by this point* “Okay, honey, but let’s be real here: Who else loves me?”

Fiancée: “Well, certainly not the person whose light you’re blocking right now, that’s for sure.”

(I start laughing, and she kisses me.)

Fiancée:I love you, honey. I love you.”

Me: “I love you, too.”

Fiancée: “But, seriously, you’re blocking my light.”


It’s Not A Party Until It’s A Party

| Tacoma, WA, USA | Engaged

(My partner and I have just gotten officially engaged though we have discussed our wedding prior to this. For context when I mentioned weddings having themes his mind immediately went to party themes and he suggested ‘Doctor Who.’)

Me: “So, are you cool with having [Four Friends] as our wedding party?”

Partner: “Yeah, it can be at the laser tag place!”

Me: “You do know that the wedding party just means the groomsmen and bridesmaids, right?”

Partner: “Ohhhh…”

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