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Engagement can be a bit like romantic purgatory for some, but at least you get to test drive a ring.

Not A Problem You Can Sleep On

| Tokyo, Japan | Engaged

(My fiancé and I have been living together for some time now. We bought a cheap mattress for the bed when we moved in which is definitely past its prime.)

Me: *lying down on my side of the bed*

Mattress: *boing, creak, clunk*

Fiancé: “Ah, the mattress is screaming.”

(Not sure if we need a new mattress or I need a new diet… But according to her, it’s both!)

Not How To Spice Up Your Love Life

| WA, USA | Engaged

(My fiancée and I are stereotypical white people who can’t handle spice. We recently went to her favorite taco truck. It was my first time there.)

Fiancée: “I should warn you that the food is a little spicy.”

(My fiancée is worse than I am with spice, so I think nothing of it.)

Me: “Thanks for letting me know. What do they use?”

Fiancée: “They put lots of cilantro on the food.”

(I know that not everyone likes cilantro, but I never thought of it as spicy before! My tacos were delicious, by the way.)

Snailed It

| MA, USA | Engaged

(My fiancé and I are cuddling in bed and he’s holding onto me very tightly.)

Me: “Aw, you’re really hanging on there! You’re like a limpet! Wait… that sounded better in my head. I’ll think of a different animal to call you. What’s cuter than a limpet?”

Fiancé: “Just about anything.”

Can Be Bad For Your Elf

| Scotland | Engaged

(We’re at home and my fiancée is getting ready for work. I’ve got the day off so I am still waking up and have kicked the blankets off of me. I am also wearing the elf-themed underwear that she got me for Christmas.)

Fiancée: *referring to the ‘contents’ of my elf underwear* “And how’s your naughty elf this morning?”

Me: “He IS a naughty elf. He gets into all sorts of places and all sorts of trouble!”

Fiancée: “He’s well travelled!”

Me: “Well, he’s not all that well travelled… I mean, sure, he’s been to Ibiza a few times.”

That’s A Stormy Relationship

| Dallas, TX, USA | Engaged

(My boyfriend is from Florida, and we live together in my home state, Texas. After grocery shopping and putting groceries away, my boyfriend pulls out a pineapple.)

Fiancée: “Look, it’s hair is bent!” *the tuft or whatever on top of the pineapple is crooked to the side, almost lying flat* “It looks like it was in a hurricane!”

Me: “Oh, honey, so that’s what pineapples from Florida look like! I always wanted to see one!”

(He flips me the bird from behind his back as he’s walking away.)

Me: “Backwards?!”

Fiancée: “Yeah, that’s how we flip people off in Florida… We can’t turn around, or we might miss something flying at us during a hurricane!”

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