21 Proposals That Are Not Always Romantic

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Many of us dream of getting that perfect romantic proposal. Where feet are literally swept and stories of how it happened evoke envy from all who hear it. Not all of them happen that way however… In fact many can be the total opposite. Even proposals are Not Always Romantic…


#1. Making A Holy Proposal

(My boyfriend and I have been working toward marriage. We get back from a date where I thought he might pop the question, and he didn’t. I’m slightly disappointed and confront him.)

Me: “I really thought you were going to ask me tonight.”

Boyfriend: “You just have to be patient. It’s like waiting for the return of Christ.”

Me: “…”

Boyfriend: “I promise not to make you wait 2000 years.”

How We Know That Pokémon Has Taken Over Your Relationship

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Nintendo having been creating ‘widows’ for as long as they have been creating videogames. The times, however, are a changin’. No longer is the gaming world of the teenage male and the mid-life crisis husband, indeed, all are now welcome (as they should always have been) to enjoy the exploits of Mario, Nathan Drake, Lara, or whoever you decide to let loose upon the latest Grand Theft Auto.

But now, we have something different; scores of you are engaging in the great Pokémon hunt, and for some of your, its a matter of love and death:

Collected here are some of our favorite Pokémon Go inspired stories sent into Not Always Romantic:



Skipped The Relationship And Went Straight To Marriage

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Hopefully They Didn’t Fly, Because Someone’s Walking Home (Video)

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Me: “Good morning, ma’am. How may I help you?”

Hotel Guest: “I was charged for two movies last night that I did not watch.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but unfortunately I can not adjust these movies off. They were completely viewed from beginning to end–both movies.”

Hotel Guest: “That’s absurd, there’s no way I saw those movies last night. I was asleep. What are the movies that were watched?”

Me: “They’re adult movies, ma’am…”

Hotel Guest: *enraged* “I DID NOT WATCH ANY DIRTY MOVIES!”

Me: “Is there someone else in your room that may have ordered them?”

Hotel Guest: “It’s just me and my boyfriend…”

Me: *tight smile*

Hotel Guest: “Oh. My. God. He ordered porn. We’re at a romantic getaway and he orders porn! I’m going to kill him!”

Hopefully, She Got The House

Also seen on: Not Always Right.

Dating Sheldon Cooper

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