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Family and/or kids always adds spice to any relationship. Specifically, the kind of spice that gets in your eyes and makes you cry.


More Than A Half-Baked Effort

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(My girlfriend baked me a cake for my birthday and showed it to her family first.)

Father: “I’m sorry, sweetie, but it looks a bit… off. Did you have a recipe?”

Girlfriend: “Yes, I have a recipe. I think it turned out okay.”

Brother: *breaks off a piece and eats it* “Ugh, it’s terrible.” *spits out piece*

Mother: “The inside doesn’t look right at all. Are you sure you followed the recipe?”

Girlfriend: “Yes. I ran out of flour though, so I substituted with baking soda.”

Mother: “Baking soda doesn’t work that way. You can’t give [My Name] that.”

Girlfriend: “But I went through all that effort.”

Mother: “And he’ll appreciate that you tried, but you’ll make him sick if he eats it.”

Father: “Let’s go to [Nearby Bakery]; they have really good cakes.”

Girlfriend: “I don’t want to BUY him a cake. I want to make it myself.”

(I never did see the baking soda cake. Instead she made me a very lovely handmade card. Suffice it to say it’s her tenacity that won me over, not her culinary skills. Also, I do all our cooking and bake her a cake every birthday.)


I Swear Chivalry Is Alive

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(I am riding home with my family with my boyfriend in tow. The truck we are riding in is jacked up to the point that the running boards are slightly above knee level on me. I am 5’1” while my boyfriend is about 6’1”. The following conversation ensues when I am trying to get out of the truck.)

Me: “[Boyfriend], you chivalrous mother-f*****, help me get out of this f****** truck.”

Family: *dying of laughter*

(For the record he did help me out of the truck.)


Sins And The Father

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(My boyfriend is visiting. My father is a very strict Asian parent and my boyfriend is slightly afraid of him. My back is hurting so I ask my boyfriend to give me a back massage, which leads to me lying on my front with my boyfriend sitting on top of me. Suddenly, we hear a very loud noise from upstairs where my father is.)

Boyfriend: *stops massaging me* “What was that noise?”

Me: “My dad sneezing.”

Boyfriend: “Oh.” *returns to massaging*

Me: “What did you think it was?”

Boyfriend: “Your dad practicing his finishing moves?”

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