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Romance isn’t only the domain of the young. This category finds love tempered with honesty. Lots, and lots, and lots of honesty.

A Chocolate Box Marriage

| Golden Years, Popular

(I’m visiting my parents for dinner. After dinner, are sitting around talking.)

Mom: “[Dad], do you want coffee?”

Dad: “No.”

Mom: “Do you want chocolate?”

Dad: “No.”

Mom: “Darn. I was hoping you did so you could make me some.”

All Your Dirty Dishes On Display

| TN, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners, Popular

(My husband and I just had dinner with his parents and we’re debating on whether to stay and watch a movie with them or go on home. Neither his parents or we have a machine dishwasher.)

Me: “Well, we do have dishes that need to be washed…”

Husband: “You have been letting them pile up.”

Me: “I just wish we had a dishwasher!”

Husband: “We do have a dishwasher.” *before I can interject* “We have the best, most wonderful dishwasher in the world.” *kisses my head*

(While I am trying not to blush my mother in-law comes in the room.)

Mother-In-Law: “Better than our old, run down dishwasher. Sometimes I find the dishes are still dirty in the cabinets! I think I may need a newer model.”

Father In-Law: “Yeah, yeah. I love you, too.”

Stick A PIN In My Heart

| CO, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners, Mature, Popular

(The customer is an elderly gentleman.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Hi, yes, I am trying to access my voicemail, but I don’t remember my PIN.”

Me: “Oh, that’s all right. Let’s get your account pulled up and we will see if we can update your PIN.”

(We get the account pulled up and I change his PIN for him. I always make sure things are working before I let my customers go.)

Me: “All right, if you would like to go ahead and call your voicemail and make sure the PIN works?”

(The customer does so and the line goes quiet for a few moments. When the customer finally speaks up, he is much quieter than before.)

Customer: “Thank you so much. My wife left me a voicemail to pick up some groceries a few months ago. She passed away last month. I just wanted to hear her voice one more time.”

Me: *sadly speechless*

As Long As You Still Get Hot

| Wales, UK | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners

(My family always hosts a bonfire party every year:)

Mom: *looks at fire* “I thought it would be bigger.”

Dad: “That’s what you’ve always said, honey.”

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

| CT, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners

(My family is watching a romantic movie when I catch this conversation:)

Mother: “Did my father tell you to take care of me when we got married?”

Father: “Yup.”

Mother: “Bull-s***! But that was a quick answer; you’re getting better at this romance thing.”

Father: “I’m a work in progress!”

Mother: “It’s like training a dog.”

Father: “I think training a dog is easier.”