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Romance isn’t only the domain of the young. This category finds love tempered with honesty. Lots, and lots, and lots of honesty.

The Aged Of Innocence

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(I am nine months pregnant with my third son, and am sitting down at a Chinese restaurant. I have soup and a plate of stir-fried vegetables. Across the aisle from me is an elderly couple.)

Older Man: “Look at that girl. What a cow. Look at her, honey. Just stuffin’ her face full.”

(The older woman glances over, then looks down at her own plate.)

Older Man: “See what I mean? Someone should just take the plate away and make her walk everywhere. No one wants a woman that big. Poor thing will be single for her life at this rate.”

(The older woman sits silently and eats. By this point, I can feel tears starting, and now I don’t want to eat. But just as I think about waddling away, and thanks to what I hope are hormonal mood swings, I get angry. So I stand up and waddle over to his table.)

Me: “Yeah, real nice. See this?” *I rub my pregnant belly* “It isn’t made of food. It’s a baby. My third, actually, and I’ve been happily married for a few years as well. Anything else horrible you’d like to say about a pregnant woman you don’t know? Maybe remark on my horrible complexion, or that I can’t tie my own shoes?”

(The old man shakes his head and looks deflated. The older woman is suddenly angry.)

Older Woman: “See, this is why I hate eating with you! Why do you got to be that old grumpy a** who keeps doing this? Apologize to her now! Poor thing!”

Older Man: “I’m sorry. It was rude of me.”

Me: “It definitely was. I’ll be leaving now.”

Older Woman: “You’re such an a**! You are so lucky I said ‘yes’ 33 years ago, or someone would have killed you by now!”

Divorced From The Idea Of Marriage

| London, England, UK | Divorce, Golden Years, Theme Of The Month, Top

(I am looking at old family photographs, especially those taken at my parents’ wedding. I can’t find any from my grandparents’ wedding, however, and I ask my grandparents where I can find some.)

Grandmother: “Oh, you won’t find any pictures of our wedding, dear.”

Me: “How come? Did you not have a camera back then?”

Grandmother: “No, but your grandfather and I never actually got married.”

Me: “What!”

Grandfather: “We just never got around to it.”

Me: “But Grandma! You have Grandpa’s name and everything!”

Grandmother: “I know. It was just easier that way. Less gossip.”

Me: “But didn’t you want to get married!”

Grandfather: “What’s the point? I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me that I have been lucky enough to spend my life with the love of my life.”

Me: “So you don’t believe in marriage?”

Grandmother: “Of course we do, but marriage isn’t a requirement of love, dear.”

Grandfather: “Exactly! Look at that ‘Brittany Clears’ fellow. Didn’t he get married for like an hour?”

Me: “You mean Britney Spears?”

Grandmother: “See! I told you that was his name! You never think I’m right about these things!”

Me: “Actually, Britney Spears is a woman.”

Grandmother: “Oh. I guess we were both wrong.”

Grandfather: *in a sing song voice* “Ha! You were wrong! You were wrong!”

Grandmother: “Is it possible to divorce someone you never married?”

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All I Want For Christmas…

| Denver, CO, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners, Top

(It’s Christmas season, and I’m shopping in a department store. An elderly couple is also shopping nearby. The woman goes off to look at something in a different section. The gentleman sneezes.)

Me: “Bless you.”

Elderly Gentleman: *looks at his wife* “It’s already been done.”

A Twisted Marriage

| PA, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners

(The family is gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom is having an argument with my dad.)

Mom: “And you! After thirty years, you’ve got some kind of switch that lets you shut out everything I say!”

Dad: “Of course. Haven’t you ever seen me twist my wedding ring?”