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Not A Match Made In Heaven

, | Maple, ON, Canada | Harassment

(It is my first day but second summer at this amusement/theme park. I am alone in the store but my manager is teaching five other trainees how to work cash. A customer walks in and I recognize her from a helping-the-homeless initiative my religious institute does with hers. She comes to the front with three tee-shirts and a keychain.)

Woman: “Oh, I remember you.”

Me: “Yes, hello. How have you been?”

Woman: “I am blessed, darling.”

Me: “That is wonderful.” *I go to scan her items but she stops me*

Woman: “Um… can I have someone who believes in Christ help me?”

Me: “Uh… it is only me on staff.”

Woman: “What about them?” *points to trainees*

Me: “They’re in training.”

Woman: “Well, I refuse to pay unless I get someone who is a god-fearing Christian. Get me your manager!”

Me: “Let me see what I can do.” *goes to manager and trainees* “This woman refuses to pay unless a god-fearing Christian helps her.”

Manager: “How does she know you’re not Christian?”

Me: “We’ve met before.” *in a whisper* “And she was the nicest then, either.”

Male Trainee: “I can help you.” *we walk over together and we finish cashing her out. When I give her the bags she doesn’t take them*

Woman: “Let me set you up with a nice Christian boy.”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Woman: *giving me the evil eye* “Just give me your phone number and I can—”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Woman: “Let me talk to your manager!”

Me: “My manager doesn’t decide who I date. It is all up to me and if you don’t leave now I will call security.”

Woman: *grumbles under breath but takes bags and leaves*


Unable To Pickup On Her Diss-interest

| Denver, CO, USA | Harassment

Customer #2: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Hold on a moment, please.” *finishes talking to [Customer #1]*

(Customer #2 huffs and crosses his arms. He paces the floor even though I finish dealing with Customer #1’s problem in less than a minute.)

Me: *putting on the fake smile I use when dealing with difficult customers* “What can I help you with today, sir?”

Customer #2: “I had a funny pickup line I was gonna use but you made me wait so long I forgot!”

Me: “Isn’t that a shame.”

(I twirl my hair around my finger, prominently showing off my engagement ring.)

Customer #2: “Uh…” *walks sheepishly away*


A Ballooning Sense Of Desperation

| TX, USA | Harassment

(It’s the start of February, so we’ve begun putting up Valentine balloons around the store. One of my coworkers, in her mid-20s, is placing balloon sets through the aisles when she comes back with a weird look on her face. She comes behind the balloon counter where we are.)

Coworker #1: “There’s some guy stalking me around the store.”

Coworker #2: “What? Who? I didn’t see anyone.”

(Sure enough, around five minutes later, a man in his 60s who looks like he may have some mental complications comes around the balloon counter, trying to look sneaky. He looks at me, then Coworker #2, but can’t seem to find the worker he’s been following, since she’s snuck into the office nearby.)

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Man: “Yeah, uh, I was… How much are your balloons?”

Me: “The mylar hearts are 99 cents apiece. Would you like some?”

Man: “Oh. No… well, yeah. Um. Was there a girl earlier? Long blonde hair?”

Coworker #1: “Do you mean Sandy?” *name of another coworker that isn’t there that day* “She had to go run an errand.”

Man: *suddenly grins like he’s just heard the most beautiful thing ever* “Yeah, is that her? Does she work here? Can I get her phone number from you guys?”

Me: “Sorry, no. We don’t give personal information out.”

Man: “Oh… I get that. Can I have her schedule, then?”

Me: “No, we don’t give those out to non-employees.”

Man: “Oh. Sandy is her name? Okay.”

(He walks out to his car and sits there. We watch him for a few minutes before getting back to work. Coworker #1 finally comes back out, getting back to work. Thirty minutes later, he comes back in, and makes a beeline for the balloon counter while we are all helping customers.)

Man: “Sandy! Hey, Sandy!”

Coworker #1: “That isn’t my name. I’m a little busy right now, sir.”

Man: “Sandy, I made something for you!”

Coworker #1: “Thank you, sir. If you’ll leave it there, I can look at it later, but right now I’m busy.”

Man: “Will you go out with me, Sandy?”

Coworker #1: “Sir, I’m busy.”

(He stood there for five minutes, then walked back out to the car and drove off. Apparently he had stolen one of our Valentine cards, had used ketchup to draw inside of the card, and had used a pencil to write his phone number with ‘I love you’ written on the back. A week later, on Valentine’s Day, he came back up to the shop to give her a note. I was off that day, but I was told the letter was about how he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. He wanted to know if she wanted to go on a date sometime and to call him. He wrote for her to call him a few times in the letter, and had written ‘I love you’ around the corners of the paper, as well. He came back an hour after delivering the letter, dressed in a tux, to ask her again for a date and to tell her he was in his car, waiting. They said he waited three hours out there, then drove off. After that, we never saw him again.)


The Wrong Kind Of Daddy Issues

| NV, USA | Family/Kids, Harassment

(The ranch where I take riding lessons is having a big cook-out for the students and their families. I know some of the other students, but am unfamiliar with most of them. A bunch of us are hanging out in the picnic area, waiting for more burgers to be ready, and getting to know each other. An older man comes over with a bag of chips and a soda, and hands them to one of the girls, who’s probably about 20 years old.)

Girl: “Thank you, Daddy.”

Random Guy: “Man, I wish I had a girl like that. You’re lucky, dude. Better put a ring on it.”

Girl: *turns to stare Random Guy dead in the eye* “That’s my actual f****** father.”

(Everyone else lost it, yelling and laughing. Random Guy turned bright red and left. We didn’t see him again.)


Won’t Let Him Linger(ie)

| UK | Harassment

(I work in a lingerie shop as a cashier and our boss, a woman, asks us to wear lingerie around the store so we can advertise our product. As you’d expect, this draws the attention of a lot of middle-aged men.)

Man: “So what do you work here as?”

Me: “Well, as a cashier.”

Man: *smirking* “Don’t you need a man to help pay the bills?”

Me: “I’m a lesbian…”

Man: “NO, you’re not. You just don’t want me. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!”

Me: “Because I don’t want to be with a middle-aged man as I’m 18 and a lesbian?”

Man: “Yes, that’s your job!”

Me: “My job is a cashier and I have to wear this so it advertises the product.”

Man: “Well, I’m gonna call your manager and tell her how horrible you’ve been!”

(About ten minutes pass as he talks with my manager. She comes around the corner and looks at me.)

Manager: “Did you try to get this married man to sexually touch you?”

Me: *confused* “Obviously not. As you know, I’m a lesbian.”

Manager: “Okay, just had to make sure.”

(The customer comes back in and smirks at me, and then the manager, and then back at me.)

Man: “So, she getting fired?”

(My manager slapped him so hard you could see tears forming in his right eye as he ran out.)