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Sticking Their Neck Out For You

| USA | Harassment

(I’m taking the train to work, and since part of my job is reviewing the audiobooks that our company produces, I usually listen to them during the commute. This particular morning, I’m pretty engrossed in the book I’m listening to, but I notice with some annoyance that a really loud man is making off-color jokes towards the center of the car. I’m in the very back, turned slightly away to look out the window, and trying to focus on my work, so I just try to ignore him, as does everyone else in the car.)

Man: “Hey! Hey, you! I like your necklace!”

(I have some beading on my shirt, but I’m not wearing a necklace, so I don’t even look his way.)

Man: “I SAID, I LIKE YOUR NECKLACE! Jeez, b****! I’m just paying a compliment to the thing around your fat f****** neck!”

(This whiplash of a compliment is hard to ignore, so I glance at him only to see that he’s definitely glaring right at me. I’m a very non-confrontational person, so I just pretend like I didn’t notice, but my face is flushed with anger. Thankfully, another passenger comes to my defence.)

Other Man: “Wow. She takes five seconds to realize that you’re talking to her, when she’s clearly paying attention to something else, and you go from complimenting her to calling her a fat f****** b****? I don’t blame her for ignoring you! And genius, she’s not even wearing a necklace!”

(That set off the loud-mouth, but to my relief, he forgot about me to argue with the other passenger instead. I made sure to quietly thank my defender before I reached my stop. Just wish I had the guts to stand up for myself. People like that are why I’m shy.)


It’s Not Easy Being Green(eyed)

| Harassment

(I am a high school sophomore who is required to log service hours and decide to log some at a community center’s fundraiser. Note that I’m a biracial (black and white) female, and though I have hazel eyes that often look green, with my hair pulled up I appear decidedly African American. This is definitely the creepiest encounter I have while working the register. A middle-aged male customer walks up to my station with a few relatively inexpensive items and puts everything onto the table.)

Customer: “Hello.”

Me: *sits up straight* “Good evening, sir. Will this be all for you tonight?”

Customer: *nods* “You’re a pretty girl, honey.” *sounds somewhat creepy*

Me: *thinking that this is one of those polite compliments that adults give children* “Um, thank you.”

(I begin to enter the amounts of his items onto the iPad that is being used for transactions.)

Customer: *almost to himself* “I didn’t know they came with green eyes.”

Me: *thinking that he’s talking to himself* “Okay, sir, that comes to—”

Customer: *interrupts* “Are your eyes real, honey?”

Me: *confused* “Um, yeah, of course they are. Your total is twelve—”

Customer: *interrupts again, in a creepily soft tone* “Honey, I like green-eyed girls.”

Me: *beginning to be weirded out* “Uh, your total is twelve fifty. Card, check, or cash?”

Customer: *suddenly gets uncomfortably close to me* “I have cash. Lots of cash. You like cash, honey? I can make you a lot of it.”

Me: *now incredibly paranoid* “Um, sir, I-I’m fifteen…”

Customer: *suddenly steps back, looks at me like I’m crazy, pulls a twenty out of his pocket, slams it onto the table, grabs his items, and hurries out*

(I was immediately switched to another position when I informed the volunteer leader. Turned out they were trying to get that guy the heck out of the fundraiser for creeping out other volunteers.)


Someone Needs To Be Neutered

| USA | Harassment

(I’m volunteering at an animal shelter which is having a big adoption event. I’m helping direct traffic. This guy is smiling through the whole conversation.)

Me: “Hi, if you don’t mind just parking over here in this lot, that would be great!”

Old Man: “What’s going on?”

Me: “We’re having a big adoption event today for dogs and cats!”

Old Man: “Are you on the adoption list?”

Me: *thinking he means to ask if I host foster animals* “Oh, no, I already have plenty!”

Old Man: “No. Think about what I said.”

Me: *realizes what he actually means* “Just go park over there…”

Old Man: “Think about it.”

Me: “Just go park.”

(Later I’m telling an actual employee about this:)

Employee: “Ew! I hope you spat on him!”


Sounding Him Out

| Peoria, IL, USA | Harassment

(I’m the only employee on the teller line, as my coworkers are either at lunch or in the back vault. I’m a brunette female in my mid-20s. A guy who has to be close to 60 walks up.)

Me: “How can I help you today, sir?”

Customer: “Well, I was looking for a cute brunette today…” *looks at me expectantly*

Me: “Can I help you with something bank-related?”

Customer: “That didn’t work?”

Me: “No, but it was a good effort.”

Customer: “I just need to get a money order, then.”

(I process his transaction quickly.)

Me: “Is there anything else we can help you with today, sir?”

Customer: “Not unless I can get your phone number!”

Me: “Uh… no.”

Customer: “Oh! I should’ve realized that you’re not allowed to give that out. Well, at least no one caught this on tape.”

Me: “Sir… every teller has a camera behind them.”

Customer: “WHAT?!”

(I point at the camera hanging from the ceiling directly over my head.)

Customer: “Those… those… things pick up sound, too?!”

Me: “That’s what I’ve been told, yep.”

(One of my coworkers pops out from the back vault and heads back to her window, which is right next to mine.)


Coworker: *snorts*

Me: “Yes, it did.”

Customer: “Oh, s***!” *runs out of the branch*

(My coworker just about falls out of her chair laughing. When she’s composed herself…)

Coworker: “You wanna talk about what just happened there?”

Me: “Heck, no.”


Putting The ‘D’ In DnD

| TN, USA | Harassment

(I’m in a DnD group using a system called Gurps. I recently joined a new game where we play monster hunters. I don’t know anyone aside from the DM and a guy I’d played a previous campaign with. On week one, we all introduce ourselves. Week two, we start. On week three, two days after game, a guy messages me and the chat goes like this. Keep in mind I’ve told everyone in the game that I am a happily married woman.)

Guy: “One of these days, I gotta catch you and start the typical weirdo male conversation stuff.”

Me: “What do you mean by that? I’m online. I’ve just been lurking a lot.”

Guy: “I think you know what I mean!”

Me: “No… I don’t.”

Guy: “I almost want to get in an endless loop of ‘Oh, you know’ but a ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ may give it away.”

Me: “Are you hitting on me?”

Guy: “I think I’m too freaky for that exactly!”

Me: “So what did you want to talk about?”

Guy: “I guess I’ll dive right into the awkwardness, how about [genitals]?”

Me: *freaking out* “What about them.”

Guy: “General opinion? I’m a big fan myself.”

Me: “Uh… Okay? Sorry. I’m really tired. Is there a point to this? I’m not sure what you’re aiming at here.”

Guy: “I have a bad habit of just generally amusing myself like this. Fortunately, I have the judgement to not just post a picture and be like ‘What do you think? Eh, eh, eh?’ Always good for a good chuckle.”

Me: “Stop. You’re creeping me out.”

Guy: “I will. just feeling you out to see if you’re a fellow freak of the same breed.”

(After a friend calmed me down, I contacted the DM and told him I couldn’t play the game with this person any more. The DM showed me the message later where the creep said he “couldn’t help himself” and that he “didn’t have interest in resolving anything”! Mr. Creep, if you’re reading this, learn that this behavior just freaks people out and that you’re not being funny!)