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An Introduction Destruction

| USA | Flirting, Harassment

(My sister and I are walking down the street, when we spot a bar. Everyone there is casually dressed, including me, in pants and a shirt except for my sister, who’s dressed in an evening gown and is made up and looks like an actress. She attracts the attention of a middle aged man, who makes a beeline to her.)

Man: *to sister* “Hello. I saw you enter and I felt I had to introduce myself. My name is [Man].”

(He takes my sister’s hand and kisses it. My sister is very outgoing, so she is charmed by his nerve.)

Sister: “Oh hello. My name is [Sister] and this is my sister [My Name].”

(She gestures over to me.)

Me: “Hello.”

Man: *looks me over, wrinkles nose with disgust, and quickly looks back to my sister* “Why don’t we go sit somewhere private? Just the two of us.” *gestures to himself and my sister*

Us: *stunned*

(Needless to say, he was rejected and we went to drink by ourselves. Men, a tip: if you’re trying to score with a woman, at least pretend to be polite to her friends!)


Figure On A Customer Ogling Your Figure

| USA | Harassment

(At 19, I am employed at a sports bar and restaurant. I am often flirted with, usually in a creepy way, or even groped by various men because of my appearance. I am your typical teenage girl with long red hair and freckles. My manager lets it happen because he is the same way. This is particular incident, though, it was something happens often. This is one of my last shifts. Keep in mind I am very naïve at this age.)

Customer: “Heh, I like yer pants, there, girl. Do a little spin for me!”

Me: “Er, no. I’ll be back with your non-alcoholic drinks. [Coworker], will get you the rest?”

Customer: *upon my return* “Com’on! Gimme a spin! I’ll make it worth your while! I like me a girl who has a nice body. And you, girlie, have a perfect ten figure. D**n!”

Me: “Um, thanks, [Customer]. Can I get you anything else?”

Customer: “So, what bra size should I get you for your birthday? It’s coming up soon, right? Mmm, you look like a good B, my favorite! Why don’t you bend over a bit? Have some fun?”

Customer’s Friend: “Come on, [Customer], leave her alone. She’s just a kid.”

Customer: *practically shouting* “She has a perfect body and I want to preserve it!”

Me: *I approach my manager rather shaken, again* “I hate it when he comes here. He always treats me like a piece of meat.”

Manager: “He’s right, though. You should show more cleavage and get a better bra. It’ll earn you more tips. And be nice to him. He’s just a little drunk.”

Me: “Whatever.”

(I show up a week later with a much more revealing top with a push-up bra I never really wore. I am really going for the look they desired. I hate it, though.)

Manager: “What are you doing? You look ridiculous! No one wants to see your cleavage while they’re eating! Cover them up!”

Me: “Last week you said you wanted to see them. Which is it?”

Manager: “I can’t have you looking like a stripper. You’ll embarrass me if you keep dressing like that.”

(I quit my next shift. About five months later, I found out the bar went out of business. I don’t know why, but last I heard, my old manager was in trouble with the authorities for sexually assaulting his wife.)


The Gift Of A Good Comeback

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Harassment

(I work at an upscale fragrance shop.)

Man: “How much for this gift box of perfume?”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Man: “D***, I don’t even like her that much. Okay, how much do YOU cost?” *grins sickeningly*

(I’m rendered speechless for a moment, before looking down and noticing something he and I have in common.)

Me: “The price of both my divorce proceedings and yours, seeing as we’re both married.” *I hold up my hand with my wedding ring, then point to his own wedding ring* “Plus child support payments for my kid, yours if you have any, and tax.”

Man: “F****** h***, you really are operating highway robbery here!”

(He grudgingly paid for his purchase then walked out grumbling how his wife still wasn’t worth the price of the gift.)


Hopefully They’ll All Die Out One Day

| CA, USA | Harassment

(I am out jogging when I stop in front of a middle school to take a breather. There’s a rather attractive young girl folding origami while she waits for her ride home.)

Boy: *sitting next to her* “Hey, baby, what else can you do with your hands?”

Girl: *a little weirded out, starts putting away origami* “Lotsa things, I guess…”

Boy: “Wanna know what I can do with my hands? Squeeze the t*ts of a sexy babe like you.”

Girl: *starts clapping and bouncing up and down* “Yes! I need a picture! I’ve finally found Homo Sapien es F**kboy, trying and failing to get a girlfriend!”

Boy: “What…?”

Girl: *takes a picture of the boy, flounces away to car*

(More girls like this, please!)


Text Vext

| USA | Harassment

(I’m in college at the time of this story. One of my friends has decided to set me up with a guy she knows, despite the fact that I’ve told her I’m NOT ready to date anyone new due to a recent breakup. I explain this to the guy, who says he understands, and offers to buy me coffee “just as friends.” He is very charming, so when he asks if we can get coffee again the next weekend after my finals are over, I agree. Less than 24 hours later, he starts texting me…)

Guy: “So, what are you up to tomorrow?

Me: “Well, I have to work in the morning, and I’ve got a study group in the afternoon for finals, so I’m going to have my phone off all day tomorrow.”

Guy: “No problem! I understand. I’ll talk to you in a couple days!”

(Thinking this is the end of it, I turn my phone off, and keep it off the next day. My study group runs longer than expected, so I don’t get back home until late that afternoon. I turn my phone on and discover 30 texts, all from the guy in question.)

Text #1: “Good morning!”

Text #2: “I know you said that your phone was going to be off, but I still wanted to say good morning.”

Text #3: “Just wanted to see if I could catch you before work!”

Text #4: “I hope everything is OK with you today.”

Text #5: “How is the studying going?”

Text #6: “Is this the study group with mostly guys?”

Text #7: “Are you into any of those guys?”

Text #8: “Are you ignoring me?”

Text #9: “You’re interested in one of those guys!”

Text #10: “If you don’t like me, just say so!”

Text #11: “I never liked you that much anyway!”

(And so on. As I’m ready to turn my phone off again, it rings. It’s him.)

Me: “WHAT?!”

Him: “Oh! So your phone IS on! I knew you—”

Me: “NO! I TALK, YOU LISTEN! I told you my phone was going to be off all day. I turned it on 5 minutes ago and saw 30 texts. 30! We are not in a relationship, we are not dating, so you do not get to be jealous. I told you that we were just friends, and YOU AGREED. I don’t have to tell you where I am going or who I am spending my time with. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!”

Guy: *meekly* “…I’m sorry.”

Me: “You’d better be!”

Guy: “Uh…”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Guy: “Are we still hanging out on Saturday?”

Me: “You’re joking, right?”