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We are family: all my brothers, sisters and me. This category is for all our LGBTQ friends who show that love knows no bounds.


Oh, My Gourd!

| Washington, DC, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend, LGBTQ, Popular

(My boyfriend and I, both male, are in a supermarket. I’m having issues with allergies that have made my eyes red and sore. We’re buying a cucumber so I can put cucumber slices over my eyes. Note: the area we are in has a large gay population.)

Boyfriend: *looking through the cucumbers* “Let’s make sure we get a good one so we can eat it afterward!”

Me: “…”

Everyone Else: “…”


Fus Roh Glittah!

| CA, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend, LGBTQ, Long Distance, Popular

(My girlfriend and I (I am also female) have a super big distance between us, but we make our relationship work with me flying to her every few months. We are on the phone while she’s playing Skyrim and I’m playing Undertale.)

Me: “Shush for a second! I gotta get through this part of the game and you’re screaming about dragons isn’t helping!”

Girlfriend: “I’m not screaming about the dragons! I found the cutest orphan ever and I’m going to adopt her!”

Me: “Don’t you already have four of them?”

Girlfriend: “You can’t tell me how to live my life!”

Me: “But I have access to my card and a website that sends glitter bombs.”

Girlfriend: “You wouldn’t dare!”


Standing Gayly

| Bethesda, MD, USA | Boyfriend/Girlfriend, LGBTQ, Popular

(I have two female friends who are dating. They are both fairly short, but one is much taller than the other. As a result, hugging while standing up can sometimes be painful. When the shorter makes a mistake with her wording, hilarity ensues.)

Both: *hugging*

Taller Girlfriend: “Ugh, this is hurting my back.”

Smaller Girlfriend: “Then why don’t you stand up like a straight person?”

Taller Girlfriend: “…”

Smaller Girlfriend: “No, wait!”

Me: *sinks to the floor laughing hysterically*

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