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Proposals are the human equivalent of the peacock strut– they often come with screeching, a display of colors, and ruffled feathers.

Every Ring Is Awesome, Part 2

| England, UK | Proposals

(I’m in an A-level chemistry lesson. The teacher allows us to have our phones out in case of an emergency. After thirty minutes my phone lights up and buzzes as a text appears. I pick up my phone and check the message, and immediately put it down and walk away. My friends next to me get confused, pick up my phone, and look at the text.)

Friend #1: “Oh, my god.”

Friend #2: “S***.” *he places his hand on my shoulder* “I’ll arrange your funeral.” *he begins laughing*

(At this point the teacher wanders over and I show them the message.)

Text: “I found the ring. Yes, I will marry you.”

(Had to quickly explain to everyone that:

  1. It was my girlfriend’s birthday soon
  2. It was a replacement ring for the one that she lost
  3. Probably not a good idea to have hidden it in a black box in my drawer

She was a bit upset, but understood. It was adorable seeing her so excited though.)

Every Ring Is Awesome

A Fortunate Proposal

| NY, USA | Proposals

(My boyfriend and I are having dinner with his siblings and some other friends. We’re having Chinese takeout, and afterwards there are fortune cookies. My boyfriend passes them out.)

Brother #1: “Mine says ‘Your future will be happy and productive.’ I hope so!”

Me: “Mine is ‘Believe in yourself, and others will, too.’ I like that.”

Boyfriend: “Wait, what? Let me see yours.”

(He takes my fortune and reads it, then looks in the takeout bag, looking confused.)

Brother #2: “Guys, my fortune says ‘Will you marry me?’ What?”

Boyfriend: “Oh, f***!”

(He leans across the table, snatches the fortune out of Brother #2’s hands and gives it to me.)

Boyfriend: “Well, no one can say I didn’t try.”

(I said yes.)

Selfishly Engaging

| WA, USA | Proposals

(My then-girlfriend and I have talked about marriage and plan to marry once we are ready. After I mention how much I love a ring in the shop where my girlfriend is buying a present, we have this conversation.)

Girlfriend: “How do you feel about telling people we are engaged?”

Me: “I don’t know. I want to marry you, but all the reasons I have for making the switch from dating to engaged are selfish.”

Girlfriend: “How is it selfish?”

Me: “It would get us taken more seriously and I would get attention from the other girls in my classes.”

Girlfriend: “I don’t see anything wrong with wanting that.”

(Runner up for one of the least romantic proposals ever, but it worked!)

Fell Into The Engagement

| India | Engaged, Proposals

(My fiancé and I are from a country where the norm is to have arranged marriages, and engagements are usually a party announcing that the guy and girl are going to be married. However, recently, more people have been dating before marrying. My fiancé and I dated for seven years before we decided we want to get married and told our families. Then an engagement party was announced for us. I am a klutz and before the party, I am nervous.)

Me: “I’m nervous.”

Fiancé: “Cold feet huh?”

Me: “Huh? What? No. I’m nervous that I’ll trip and fall in front of everyone during the ceremony.”

Fiancé: *thinks* “Just try your best to fall on one knee. I’ll clutch my face and start crying and squealing that you’re proposing. We’ll make a skit out of it! Nobody will know you fell!”

Me: “…”

(I laughed so much, I actually forgot to be nervous. His sense of humour ensures that I’ll never actually get cold feet.)

Will You Be My Amy Rose?

| Denmark | Marriage & Partners, Proposals

(I am playing ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ for nostalgia reasons, when I get hit near the end of a stage and end up with zero rings left. Scared for my life, I cry out and beg.)

Me: “Please, Game, give me rings. Give me a ring, please?”

(At this moment, my husband gets up and disappears for a moment. Though distracted, I focus again but still screw up, and I die. I paused just as I die, but it’s already too late. As I stared at this bug eyed blue guy in annoyance, in comes my husband with this gem:)

Husband: *kneels and holds out my wedding ring in its box, proposing silently to me again*

(At first I’m confused — how was this appropriate? But then I see his smug face and already dread whatever he’s thinking.)

Husband: “What? You asked me to get you a ring!”

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