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(My boyfriend and I are going to see Hamilton later in the day and are discussing our plans as it’s about 10am on a Sunday. I’m sitting in bed lounging with some tea and he’s playing a video game.)

Me: “So what time do you want me to be ready for the show?”

Boyfriend: “Well it’s at 2 so I dunno like 12?”

Me: “Okay. I’m going to do that thing with my hair that you like.”

Boyfriend: “Oh that knot thing? Yeah I like that.”

Me: “Oh I know.”

Boyfriend: “I like everything that you do. OH FUCK YOU!”

(He’s usually super sweet and collected so the juxtaposition of his sweetness with him yelling at a video game was hilarious to me.)

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I was invited to Shabbat dinner at a Rabbi’s house. Once young girls and boys turn 18 I’ve found that Rabbi’s get pushy, wanting us to date and marry young.

Rabbi: Isn’t it nice to have you three boys and you three girls over?

All of us: Yes…

Rabbi: [Boy across from me] are you still single?

Boy: Yes Rabbi

Rabbi: [Hebrew] hopefully you’ll find a girl soon

When I went home and told my parents about the odd Shabbat dinner they laughed and said it was a ploy to get us kids to date Rabbi approved people.

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My best friend and I are always advocating for LGBTQ+ people even though neither of us are LGBTQ+. However, many of my religious friends THINK we are because heaven forbid straight people advocate for LGBTQ+ rights (rolling eyes right now)

This leads to instances like this when we talk about dating:

Rabbi: [My Name] if you’re gay, I won’t mind.

Me: Oh wow….that’s great but…. but I’m not gay

Rabbi:…wait, you’re not?

Me: No, I’m not.

Rabbi: But you’re always talking about LGBTQ+ rights

Me: Ya…so?

Rabbi: And you and [Best Friend] are always cuddling and making cute jokes about each other

Me: Ya, we’re just really good friends…

When I talked to my best friend she said she got the same questions! All of our religious friends think we’re dating so sometimes we’ll call each other BAE just because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

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(I was home today, and did some grocery shopping. That included a selection of bread buns for tomorrow’s breakfast. We usually get the 5 for the price of 4 deal they offer. Botfriend comes home and I tell him which things I bought.)

Me:…juice, the veggies, and then I also got us buns for breakfast.

Me: but then I got hungry

Me: so I…ate two, Brute. *holds up the bag with three buns in them*

Boyfriend: *groans slightly* were you bored today by any chance?

(I admit, I was bored and planned the joke. No regrets.)

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(I am a 22 year old female working in a restaurant. I have just finished work at midnight and am waiting for my bus to come. Across from me is a hotel lobby, all lit up. The road between is a major road into the city and well lit. I’m chilling out on my phone, knowing the bus was arriving in less than 10 minutes. I jumps slightly as a voice right behind me says “excuse me miss”. I turn around and see a man about twice my age looking at me.)

Man: (slurring his speech) “Excuse me miss, what’s the time?”

(I look down at my phone and go to answer him and as I do so he pushes himself against my arm and looks over my shoulder. I tell him it’s 12am and step away. As I do so, he swings his arm up and touches my butt.)

Man: “Oh, sorry miss, I didn’t mean to touch your bum.”

(I didn’t believe this for a second, but I strongly avoid conflict and generally try to keep my head down, so I keep my distance and tell him no worries. I should note here I am a very polite person and try very hard not to offend people.)

Man: “You know, you’re quite beautiful.”

Me: “Thank you.” (Feeling seriously unnerved)

Man: “So, do you want to go around the corner and have a cigarette with me?”

Me: (flatly) “No, sorry, I don’t smoke.”

Man: (looking offended) “You didn’t need to say it like that.”

(He mutters to himself for a bit. I try to drop hints that I’m definitely not interested by telling him the bus would be coming in a few minutes. About 15 seconds later…)

Man: “So, do you want to come around the corner with me?”

Me: “No, thank you”

(He mutters something else that sounded like “how would you like it if I…” Meanwhile I’m debating either waiting the last couple minutes out for my bus, or leaving and hiding in the hotel lobby and risking catching another bus half an hour later. He asks me once more if I “want to go around the corner with him”, which I again politely declined.)

Man: “you know I’m *mumbles* looking for a real slut *mumbles*.” (I make my decision)

Me: (loudly) “Well, you’re looking in the wrong place!”

Man: (looking offended again) “Oh nah, I didn’t mean you.”

(I hesitate for a moment and then say “please excuse me” and cross the road to the hotel. I hear him call out to me “miss, miss!” but don’t look back. When I get to the other side, with people around me getting out of taxis, I look to see where he is. I see him quickly trotting down the street, obviously not wanting to be found if security or police come looking for him. I make sure he walks out of sight, and pause to calm my nerves. Right after, my bus drives up in the distance, so I duck back over the road and hop on in time. It was my first time being so strongly sexually harassed, and I wish I had not been so polite or meek!)

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