Cupid’s Arrow On Aisle Three

| Milwaukee, WI, USA | Flirting, Hall of Fame

(My best friend is male, and I am female. I’ve been in love with him for several years, but he doesn’t know. We often hold hands and flirt, as a joke. We are in a store in the mall when a young boy around 10 years old approaches me.)

Boy: “Is that your boyfriend?”

Me: “No, he’s my best friend.”

Boy: “But you were holding hands!”

Me: *laughs* “Yeah, we do that sometimes.”

Boy: *pauses, tilts his head* “Do you want him to be your boyfriend?”

(I nod. The boy runs over to my friend, grabs his hand, and pulls him toward me.)

Boy: “She wants to be your girlfriend.”

(My friend looks at me, confused.)

Boy: “She’s pretty, you should ask her out.”

Me: “Honey, it doesn’t work like-”

Friend: “Will you go out with me?”

Me: “Of course!”

(The boy grins and skips away. That was 2009. We’re getting married in three weeks.)

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