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Actually, Food Is The Food Of Love, Part 2

| Sweden | Dating

(We have made and eaten a big meal. Leftovers are still laying on the table. My boyfriend and I have collapsed in the bed and are watching TV.)

Me: “I’m lying here, thinking about the food we left in the kitchen, thinking how I want more.”

Boyfriend: “Oh. You, too?”

Both Of Us: “This is why our relationship works.”

Actually, Food Is The Food Of Love

Ugly Christmas Sweater


They Run Rings Around Romance

| USA | Dating, Engaged

(My boyfriend and I are lying down watching TV. A commercial comes up for a $2,499 ring for the holiday season. I make a disgruntled noise at the number.)

Boyfriend: *looks at me, making a worried face* “Okay… I love you but I—”

Me: “NO! Just, no.”

Boyfriend: *gives me a confused look*

Me: “Please, PLEASE don’t spend that much on a ring for me if that happens. That’s just TOO MUCH for a ring!”

Boyfriend: “I know! Right!?”

Me: “Yes! I mean I don’t know if I could deny the ring if you’d bought it for that much, but I’d at least ask if you were sure? It is really not that necessary to get a ring THAT expensive!”

Boyfriend: *laughs* “What about one of those quarter machine rings with Cinderella on them?”

Me: “S***. Just get me a Ring Pop. At least I can eat that.”