Don’t Leave Her Hanging

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(My girlfriend and I are talking on the phone before bed and she is starting to fall asleep.)

Girlfriend: “I have to go to bed, I’m falling asleep.”

Me: “Okay, goodnight. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

Girlfriend: “Goodnight, talk to you in the morning.”

(She hangs up and I go back to watching TV. A few moments later my phone rings. It’s my girlfriend.)

Me: “Hello?”

Girlfriend: “Hey! What happened? Why did you hang up on me!”

Me: “You were falling asleep.”

Girlfriend: “No, I wasn’t! You just didn’t give me enough time to respond!”

Me: “You said goodnight, and that you’d talk to me in the morning.”

Girlfriend: “I did?”

Me: “Yeah!”

Girlfriend: “Oh! Goodnight!” *click*

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