Enough To Give Pregnant Pause, Part 4

| USA | Engaged, Family/Kids

(My fiancé and I live apart for school and work. I also happen to be eight months pregnant. We are skyping one night before bed.)

Fiancé: “So, what are you doing?”

Me: “Poking the baby.”

Fiancé: “Why?”

Me: “Well, she kicked me first!”

Fiancé: “So, let her out!”

Me: “I can’t! There’s no button for that.”

Fiancé: “Did you try your belly button?”

Me: “That was the first button I tried. Uh-oh… Hey honey, how long would it take you to get down here?”

Fiancé: “About six hours. Why?”

Me: “My water just broke.”

Fiancé: “I’ll be there in four hours!”

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Enough To Give Pregnant Pause

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