Hell Hath No Fury Like An Ex Scorned

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(My boyfriend and I are both divorced parents who have gone through some pretty bitter battles with our ex-spouses. I’m attempting to set up a Facebook account for him over the phone.)

Me: “Okay, I need the answer to your security question.”

Boyfriend: “What’s the question?”

Me: “Where did you spend your honeymoon?”

(At this point, I get a little annoyed, because I hate to be reminded they were once happy.)

Boyfriend: “I dunno, Hell?” *laughs a bit* “I forgot what I put down.”

(I remember the actual location, so I go ahead and enter it. It doesn’t work.)

Me: “Okay, it wouldn’t let me in when I answered it.”

Boyfriend: “I dunno then…”

(Being bored, I give his joke/answer a try.)

Me: “Oh my god.”

Boyfriend: “What?”

Me: “You actually answered ‘Hell’ to that question?!”

Boyfriend: *cracks up laughing*

(At least we feel the same way about our exes!)

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