How To Survive A Stormy Relationship

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Dating, Fights/Breakups

(I run outside to meet my boyfriend when he comes home from work, because I hate to be home alone. It’s raining, but I go to run outside anyway.)

Me: “Hello!”

(My boyfriend stops, and holds up a cup I’d left outside.)

Boyfriend: “What the h***?”

(I’m a bit hurt, because he greets me by snapping at me. I turn around and go back inside. He follows me in.)

Boyfriend: “Sorry, but why would you leave stuff on the front lawn?”

(I sit at the computer and ignore him.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, fine, hello. But can you not leave things outside?”

Me: “Can you not snap at me instead of saying hello?”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry; I’ve had a bad day, and just don’t like coming home to see things like that.”

Me: “You suck.”

Boyfriend: “Okay.”

(He walks across the room and leaves. I look out the window and watch him cross the lawn in the rain, do a loop and come back and knock on the door. I answer it and he grins at me excitedly.)

Boyfriend: “Hello!”

Me: “I love you.”

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