Love, And Other Drugs, Part 3

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(I am working in the kitchen of a nursing home. At lunch time, I serve meals in the dining room. At the same time, a recently hired nurse is delivering meds to residents at lunch. After three times of us both serving the same person at the same time, we have a conversation.)

Nurse: “We have to stop meeting like this.”

Me: “Where would you like to meet? Your place, my place, or a corner bar? I’ll go anywhere.”

(The nurse pauses and takes a good long look at me.)

Nurse: “How old are you?”

Me: “How old do I have to be?”

Nurse: “At least 21.”

Me: “Can you wait two weeks?”

(We started dating soon after, and were happily married for 11 years before she passed away.)

Love, And Other Drugs, Part 2
Love, And Other Drugs

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