Married to Sheldon Cooper, Part 2

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(My husband has just made himself a bowl of ice cream when I interrupt him with a kiss.)

Husband: “Stop! You’ll melt my ice cream!”

Me: “No. The temperature in the room will melt your ice cream, but not during a two second kiss.”

Husband: “No. Kisses cause friction. Frictions cause heat. Heat melts the ice cream. So, you melted the ice cream.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure our scientific debate on the properties responsible for melting your ice cream allowed the heat of the room to melt your ice cream.”

Husband: “But if you had never kissed me, this conversation would have never happened and therefore non-melted ice cream.”

Me: “Shush and eat it already, will you?!”

(He finally gave up the argument and ate his ice cream, which, by the way, was slightly melted.)

Married To Sheldon Cooper
Dating Sheldon Cooper, Part 4
Dating Sheldon Cooper, Part 3
Dating Sheldon Cooper, Part 2
Dating Sheldon Cooper

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