Not Seeing Eye-To-Eye Here

| TX, USA | Harassment

(My soccer team’s manager is a junior who’s been indiscriminately pursuing any girl on the team who happens to be white, without success. Most of the players, as well as the manager himself, are Hispanic, which is why it stands out. I’ve heard about him from the others, but we’ve barely ever spoken and it doesn’t occur to me that I, a lowly freshman, would be on his radar. I’m also admittedly a little oblivious.)

Manager: “[My Name], how are you?”

Me: “Pretty good. You need help with the equipment?”

Manager: “You know, I love your eyes.”

Me: “Um… okay.”

Manager: “They’re beautiful, the way they shine. Like diamonds in the sky.”

Me: “That’s…nice…? So, the cones? Or I could push the ball cart.”

Manager: “I mean it.” *leaning in and staring intently* “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”

(Seriously confused at this point, I just look at him like he’s insane.)

Me: “Dude… they’re eyes. They’re not that interesting. You want help with the stuff or not?”

Manager: “Yeah… okay. Thanks.”

(It took me a few days to realize what he’d been getting at. He never did get any of the girls to go out with him.)

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