Old Married Couples 101

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(My dad is doing some work in a dimly lit room when my mom walks by.)

Mom: “Would you turn on the lamp above you? I swear, you’re going to go blind!”

Dad: *jokingly* “What? Who said that? Who’s there?”

Mom: “Excuse me while I don’t laugh.”

Dad: “Come on, I’m funny!”

Mom: “Yeah, you’re hilarious.” *flatly* “Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, my sides are splitting. Oh, my stomach. Ow. Ha ha ha.”

Dad: “Hey, there are plenty of other women out there that would enjoy my sense of humor!”

Mom: “Pfft.”

Me: *laughing*

Mom: “Don’t encourage him!”

Dad: “I love you, honey.”

Mom: “I love you too. Now shut up and turn on the damn lamp.”

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