I Love You, Chore Or Less

| NS, Canada | Dating

(My boyfriend is very forgetful and almost never remembers to do things around the house on his own, so I’ve gotten into the habit of giving him a “chore” list whenever I want to make sure he’ll remember to do something. He rarely complains when I do this since he realizes it’s necessary, but on this day…)

Me: *puts list in front of him*

Him: *sounding outraged* “What?! Why do you burden me with this?!”

Me: “…”

(Best part? There were only two small things to be done on the list, about 5 minutes of work, tops. I couldn’t stop laughing.)

Naked And Afraid

| WA, USA | Dating

(My boyfriend walks out of the bathroom completely naked.)

Boyfriend: *throws something on the ground* “Ooops! I dropped something!” *seductively bends over, facing away from me*

Me: “…You know, there’s a perfect imprint of the toilet seat on your butt.”

In A Socially Secure And Stable Relationship

| PA, USA | Dating

(I am out having a coffee when I get a somewhat urgent text from my boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: “What’s your SSN?”

Me: “I’ll give it to you, but can I ask why, please?”

Boyfriend: “So I can take life insurance out in your name before coming up with a ludicrous plot to have you killed which will be thwarted at the last minute by the FBI. …Well, either that or name you as a beneficiary of my pension in case I die.”

Going Into A Song And Dance About It

| CA, USA | Dating

(A few months into dating my current boyfriend, I think it’d be cute if we found our song. After listening to some tracks, I decide that “Your Song” by Elton John could be a cute idea, since we both like it.)

Me: “I know what our song should be! It should be ‘Your Song.'”

Boyfriend: “…What song?”

Me: “‘Your Song.'”

Boyfriend: “Our song should be ‘Your Song’?”

Me: “…Yes?”

Boyfriend: “But it’s your song!”

Me: “Yeah, and it’d be our song.”

Boyfriend: “But it’s your song. It can’t be our song if it’s only your song.”

Me: *frustrated* “NO, I mean…”

(I finally notice the goofy smile on his face.)

Me: “All right, WHO’S ON FIRST?”

Boyfriend: “Your song?”

(We’ve now been dating for over a year, and we settled on “Come What May” as our song.)

The Girlfriend Strikes Back, Part 2

| NJ, USA | Dating

Boyfriend: “I love you.”

Me: “I know.” *we kiss* “Y’know, ‘normal’ people overhearing that would think I’m being a b****. Geeks know we’re Han and Leia!”

The Girlfriend Strikes Back