The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

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(As we get ready for bed, I beat my boyfriend to the bathroom, and this ensues.)

Me: “So, you’re saying it’s all my fault that we get to the bathroom at the same time?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well, I think it’s your fault.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah.”

Me: “So you’re agreeing with me?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah.”

(So having caught on to his repetitive answer…)

Me: “I’m the prettiest, most wonderful girlfriend ever.”

Boyfriend: “Duh.”

Me: “Awww, you said duh!  You’re such a good liar. I’ve trained you well.”

Boyfriend: “…Yeah.”


Not A Picture-Perfect Relationship

| NY, USA | Dating, Popular

(While we’re on vacation, my friend takes a photo of me that I actually like, which is rare. My mom likes it so much that she prints out copies, and suggests that I give one to my then-boyfriend, who is notoriously unromantic (and sometimes a bit mean). I stay the night at his house but after he leaves for work in the morning, I realize it’s still in my purse. I leave it on his desk. I come over a few days later:)

Me: *noticing the photo sticking out of his wastebasket* “So, I guess you didn’t want that?”

Boyfriend: “I know what you look like.”

(Even though I didn’t say anything, I was really hurt. Big surprise, we broke up a few months later.)


They’re On The Same Bat-Channel

| MO, USA | Dating, Popular

(So, my ex-husband got really nasty at the end of our marriage and a big part of the ugly was a result of my sexual history. When I moved on to another relationship after my divorce, I was super cautious before making that relationship a sexual one. My new boyfriend and I talked about why I was so reluctant to move our relationship to the next level. He was and is awesome. He was understanding and let me be in control of when that would happen, even though he straight up said many times he found all this very frustrating.)

Boyfriend: “You decide when this happens. Just send up the Bat Signal to let me know”

(When I am ready, I try to do something really special for this amazing man. He’s sitting on the couch in my living room. I walk up to him completely nude except a pair of Batman underwear. He jumps off the couch and starts yelling:)

Boyfriend: “Na-Na-Na-Na, Batman!”

(We’re still together, five years later and happily married.)