You’re Asking A Lot

| St. Louis, MO, USA | Dating, Popular

(My girlfriend recently adopted a rescue cat from a shelter. The cat is very affectionate, but far lower-energy than her other cat, though the two get along wonderfully.)

Girlfriend: “[Rescue Cat] has such strong maternal instincts and behavior. I wonder if she ever had kittens?”

Me: “You could ask.”

Girlfriend: “[Rescue Cat], are you a mommy?”

Me: “…the shelter.”

Girlfriend: “Oh.”

(We both started laughing uncontrollably.)


Just Home Run With It

| CA, USA | Engaged, Popular

(I am following my favorite baseball team on my computer while my fiancée relaxes nearby. I am definitely into baseball — she could not care less. While we don’t have cable, I am zealously watching the online Gamecast and get excited when I see my team get a run.)

Me: “Home run?! HOME RUN!”

(I throw my arms up in the air as my fiancée stares at me. Then…)

Fiancée: “Home run?”

Me: “Home run.”

Fiancée: “Home run!”

Me: “Home run.”

(It’s nice to know that we can communicate in basic sports terms.)


A Healthy Baby-scoop Of Ice Cream

| Tampa, FL, USA | Marriage & Partners, Popular

(The night after my husband and I find out I am pregnant, we are lying in bed when he reaches his hand over and puts it on my stomach.)

Me: *smiles* “There’s a baby in there!”

Husband: *moves hand lower on belly* “No, there’s a baby in here…” *moves hand back up* “There’s ice cream in here!”

Me: *laughs hysterically*

Husband: “You’re a nurse. I shouldn’t have to explain these things to you!”