A Careless Paradox

| OK, USA | Dating

(I’m sick and my boyfriend’s at my house to bring me dinner. We’re talking about how it sucks that I’m sick.)

Me: “I thought you cared more about my happiness than your own.”

Boyfriend: “I do.”


Boyfriend: “…but I love you.”

February Theme Of The Month: Valentine’s Day / Dates!

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Top 5 Funniest Stories Of January 2015

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Seriously Dude

| Bremerton, WA, USA | Dating, LGBTQ

(I am a woman in an open relationship with two men. I’ve been dating Boyfriend #1, who is openly polyamorous, for four years. I’ve been with Boyfriend #2, who isn’t poly, for two years, but he is okay with me dating Boyfriend #1. They’ve known each other for longer than either has known me. The following happens while discussing my future plans with Boyfriend #2. When we first got together, he admitted to being jealous of Boyfriend #1.)

Me: “Well, I remember you saying before that you’d rather we be monogamous if we got more serious…”

Boyfriend #2: “No, that’s dumb. I have exactly zero hard feelings for [Boyfriend #1] and I’m way over that. If you decide to fly across the country and bang it out with him for the weekend, I don’t blame you.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Boyfriend #2: “No jealousy, not anymore. More of a ‘huh. Okay, did you have fun?’ thing. If I swung that way, I’d do the same!”

Me: *texting Boyfriend #1* “Congrats you’re [Boyfriend #2]’s ‘if I had to pick a dude.'”

Boyfriend #1: “If I swung that way, I’d let him!”

I’m Not Really Feline This Kiss

| Victoria, BC, Canada | Flirting

(A guy and I have just had a rather good date, and we’re back at his apartment.)

Me: “Hey, cute cat.”

Guy: “She’s not terribly friendly, but if you don’t bother her she won’t bother you.”

(We stay up talking for a while longer, and the cat won’t leave the room. Eventually…)

Guy: “I’d really like to kiss you.”

Me: “I’d like that.”

(He leans in… and the cat begins to growl like a beast possessed.)

Me: “Umm… is your cat seriously jealous of me?!”

Guy: “She’s a little, uh, clingy sometimes, yes.”