Time To Call It A Day

| Portland, OR, USA | Engaged

(I work at a call center and start at our morning hours, 6 am to 2:30 pm, so I start work as soon as they open the doors and turn the building lights on. The day has been particularly slow and I’m bored out of my skull messaging my fiancé.)

Me: “Ugh! This sucks, I feel like I’ve been here all day!”

Fiancé: “Babe… you literally have been there all day. You haven’t been anywhere else but inside our car since five in the morning!”


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A Chocolate Box Marriage

| Golden Years

(I’m visiting my parents for dinner. After dinner, are sitting around talking.)

Mom: “[Dad], do you want coffee?”

Dad: “No.”

Mom: “Do you want chocolate?”

Dad: “No.”

Mom: “Darn. I was hoping you did so you could make me some.”