February Theme Of The Month: You’re So Punny!

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Introducing the Theme Of The Month: You’re So Punny!

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Holy Badly-Timed-Comment Batman!

| Australia | Dating

(My boyfriend and I are snuggling in bed, getting ready to fall asleep. We had just read who the new Batman will be.)

Me: “I love you. You make me so happy.”

Boyfriend: “I think Ben Affleck will make a great Batman.”

Me: “…”

Boyfriend: “What?”

Twisting Old Stereotypes

| USA | Dating, Popular

(It’s late at night and I’ve been working for hours on editing, but I’ve still got lots of work to do when my boyfriend messages me on Skype asking for a video call before he goes to bed. I answer the call but continue to work on the side while we talk, but keep finding myself distracted by him.)

Me: “Everything you’re doing right now is distracting. Making cute faces, talking, telling me you’re going to be here next month, and our anniversary plans. It’s all distracting.”

Boyfriend: “So you’re saying you’d rather be miserable and stressed?”

Me: “No. What?”

Boyfriend: “Well, I’m distracting you with everything I do, right?”

Me: “Yes, I can’t work with you being so distracting all the time. I can’t do my job at all.”

Boyfriend: “So you want me to stop making you happy so you can get your job done.”

Me: “No! Now you’re just twisting everything I say.”

(A momentary pause as he looks at me with concern.)

Boyfriend: “I’ve become the woman…”

The Thought Of Marriage Makes Them Sick

| The Netherlands | Dating, Popular

(My family has just planned a ‘family photoshoot’ in honour of my parents’ anniversary. I’m discussing this with my boyfriend, with whom I rent an apartment.)

Boyfriend: “So I guess I’m not invited?”

Me: “I’m not sure…”

Boyfriend: *jokingly* “What, am I not part of the family yet? Will they wait until we’re married?”

Me: *laughing* “Yes, I think that’s it.”

Boyfriend: “Well, what more do they want? We share a bathroom! Hell, we’ve both puked in the same toilet. That’s about as married as you can get!”

The Thought Was Inconceivable

| UK | Marriage & Partners, Popular

(My partner and I have been trying to conceive and I have just taken a pregnancy test which turned out positive. He is apparently stunned by the news.)

Me: “I don’t know why you’re so surprised. It’s not like we haven’t been trying….”

Partner: “Yes, but it’s a bit different trying for it and it actually happening. You may have set up the lightening rod, but you didn’t really expect something to sit up on the slab!”

Me: “…Can I put this on Not Always Romantic?”