Will Be Seeking ‘Other Boyfriends’

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(My boyfriend loves to tease me, and while we’re on vacation staying with his brother the teasing gets worse.)

Me: “Can’t you say nice things to me, like other boyfriends?”

Boyfriend: “…Other boyfriends?!”

A Fart From The Heart, Part 4

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(My boyfriend and I live together and although I am completely fine with anything body related, I still hate admitting to him I have gas sometimes. I usually leave the room or something or hold it in until he’s not around. At this point I’m in the bedroom reading while he’s playing video games in the living room. Seeing as we aren’t together I let out a big one. A few seconds later my phone gets a text.)

Husband: “…You know, your farts aren’t as quiet as you think they are.”

(I immediately start laughing and then text back.)

Me: “You heard that?!”

Husband: “Baby, I hear them all and sometimes smell them when you think I don’t. But that’s all right; I love you anyway. Besides you’re the only one I know who can rival mine.”

(It was at this point I knew I could feel completely comfortable around him forever.)

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Scarily Cute

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(My boyfriend and I have a semi-long distance relationship, due to him being stationed at a military base a few hours away, and are cuddling one night that he gets to visit me.)

Me: “Oh, you are so cuddly and cute!” *he is around 6’4”*

Boyfriend: “No! I’m a big, scary, mean, tough soldier.”

Me: “Okay, you are a cute and cuddly, scary soldier. Watch me shake.”

Boyfriend: *in a jokingly whiny voice* “Quit being mean.”

Me: “I’m sorry; did I hurt your big, scary feelings?”

Speed-Walked Right Into That One

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(My boyfriend and I are long distance, so tend to go all-out when we can get together. This is an exchange over IM the day after he went back home.)

Me: “I can’t speed walk as fast as I normally do.”

Boyfriend: “If that’s from what I think it is, it’s a point of pride and concern at the same time.”

An Off-The-Buff  Remark

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(My husband has finished telling me about three possible concerts we could see, one of which includes Keys and Krates. He knows I don’t like the music but wants me to hear one song of theirs posted on YouTube.)

Husband: “This is my favourite song of the year.”

(He tries to load YouTube videos, and tries to skip ahead. The video gets stuck.)

Me: “Oh, what, ‘buffering’?”

Husband: *he glares at me* “I hate you.”