Persistence Pays (And Pisses) Off

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(One day, my sister is stacking shelves, wearing an admittedly ugly uniform of dark blue and green. Her hair is tied into a hairnet thing and she is wearing her granny glasses. A tall, cute guy walks over to her with a shopping trolley. Note that she’s not in the best of moods.)

Guy: “Wow, what is the most beautiful woman in the world doing stacking shelves?”

My sister: “Stop taking the p*** and f*** off!”

(The guy leaves, but returns an hour later. By this time, she’s working the till.)

Guy: “Even more beautiful when you’re upright.”

My sister: “For the love of god, leave me the h*** alone!”

(Happily he didn’t: the guy and my sister have been married 8 years, proving English men are often more romantic than the women.)

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