Pun-der The Sea

| Dating

(My boyfriend and I are out celebrating my birthday at an Italian restaurant. I like seafood, but he doesn’t. I order the seafood linguine, and the following exchange occurs as we are eating.)

Me: “Sorry if I have shellfish breath after this.”

Him: “It’d be shellfish of me not to let you enjoy your pasta!”

Me: “Ugh. It was shellfish of you to make that pun.”

Him: “You’re getting a little crabby there.”

Me: “Oh man, I don’t know if I can mussel up a retort to that.”

Him: “I sea that I’ve won this argument, then.”

Me: “Yup. You’ve left me floundering.”

Him: “Ooh. That was o-fish-ally the best pun I’ve ever heard. Does that mean we’re fin-ished with these jokes yet?”

Me: “Yeesh! Just clam up and let me eat.”

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