Putting The Wolf Into Wolf-Whistle

| CO, USA | Flirting

(I work as a pawn broker for a locally owned pawn shop, and because of a bet last year, I now wear a different costume every day I work during the month of October. My customers are pretty cool about it, and it works for advertising as people sometimes come in just to see what I’m wearing. All of my costumes are work appropriate and family friendly, as we’re a family oriented shop. On this particular day, I was wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume, which consisted of a long blue dress, white tights, and a large red cape.)

Me: *walks in for work, not even clocked in yet, and says hi to my coworker and the customer he’s helping* “Hey, good morn—”

Customer: *wolf whistles at me* “Ooh, honey, I’ll be your wolf!”

(I and my coworker stare at him dumbfounded until he leaves.)

Me: “Did… did that just happen?

(Because I am so creeped out by that one statement, I change my Little Red Riding Hood costume to jeans, a button up black shirt, a faux-fur collar and the cape. Another day:)

Me: “Good morning!”

Customer: *gives me a gross grin* “Oooh, honey! You need a wolf?”

Me: *after he leaves, face-desks* “Why does this keep happening to me?!”

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